A film created in just five days earned Geneseo High School seniors Warren Lamb and Josh Cain accolades at the Cornfed Film Fest in Macomb.

A film created in just five days earned Geneseo High School seniors Warren Lamb and Josh Cain accolades at the Cornfed Film Fest in Macomb.

The Geneseo students submitted their eight-minute film?“Freedom” to the festival, where it snagged the Best Picture Award in the student category.

“Freedom” is about “the last man on earth as he struggles to find meaning in his daily battle for survival,” explained Lamb.

The duo created their movie in 2010 while at a film camp near Macomb.

“My parents had heard about the film camp, and I knew I wanted to go. I think I sort of dragged Josh into it,”?said Lamb.

As part of the experience, the pair were “basically handed a camera and told to make a film,” said Lamb.

“We were forced to plan the entire thing in one day,” explained Cain.

Creating a film about the last man on earth appealed to Cain and Lamb because “it seemed like the easiest idea to do with no budget,” said Lamb.

For the next several days, the Geneseo students traveled to locations in and around Macomb to film their movie.

“Some of the other students at the camp worked in larger groups, but we just worked together. Ours was by far the smallest group,” said Lamb.

In “Freedom,” Lamb appeared as the main character.

“I tried to avoid the acting stuff,”?said?Cain, “But my foot does make an appearance in the film.”

After spending a day envisioning the film, the duo spent two days shooting the movie and another two days editing.

Their experience has given the men a better understanding of filmmaking.

“When I watch movies now, I do think about how things are made,” said Cain.

“I have an appreciation for how long it takes to do things,” said Lamb.

Editing their film involved cutting down “quite a bit of footage” into an eight-minute piece.

“We had a lot of footage because we just let the camera run a lot,” said Cain. “We had to move around a lot to get a ton of different scenes shot.”

“We found we might not always use a shot that took us forever to set up,” said Lamb.

Because the film was created two years ago, both Lamb and Cain now look at it with a critical eye.

“I think we could make a better film today. It was impressive for the time we had and the age we were,” said Cain.

“If we’d been given more time, it could have been better,” said Lamb.

Still, when GHS instructor Deanna Bott mentioned the Cornfed Film Fest to the pair, they thought it might be fun to enter “Freedom.”

“We thought, ‘Why not??It can’t hurt,’” said Lamb.

A total of six films were entered in the student category by college and high school students.

Lamb and Cain were in Macomb at the festival awards ceremony when “Freedom” was named the student category Best Picture.

“When they called our names, I?thought, ‘Oh no ... they might want us to say something,’” said Cain.

Though they weren’t asked to speak, Cain and Lamb did receive prize money for their win.

Lamb said the win has also helped further his interest in filmmaking.

“I want to get into video editing and graphic arts, that sort of thing,” he said. “I’d like to be a director.”

Lamb, 18, plans to major in media arts at Northern Illinois University in the fall.

Cain, 17, said he plans to attend Drake?University and study science.