After four years at the helm of the Maple Leaf boys’ basketball team, head coach Dave Martin has resigned from his post.

After four years at the helm of the Maple Leaf boys’ basketball team, head coach Dave Martin has resigned from his post.

Martin, who came to Geneseo during the 2008-09 campaign, compiled a record of 47-59, which included a conference title in the 2010-11 season.

Martin chose to step down after accepting a position as assistant principal at?Davenport’s J.D. Young Intermediate School. For the last three years, he has been working on completing a masters degree in education leadership and adminstration.

“It just came about,” said Martin. “I had been looking for administration jobs in Davenport a couple of times, I got an interview and it went well and a few days later they called me back and offered me the job. It was extremely quick.”

“I got the call Wednesday evening that he had accepted the job in Davenport, but I had known that he may be looking in that direction,” said Geneseo athletic director Travis Mackey. “It just fell into place for him. I am happy for him, but not so happy for us. We will miss him and wish him the best.”

Martin said he decided to make the change because he was looking to be closer to his home in Davenport.

“Being closer to home was important,” said Martin. “Before, the drive didn’t bother me, but when I started having kids it got stressful and this gives me a chance to be around my family more.”

Martin said he had prepared himself for the fact that he might have to resign when he started the application process, but when he was offered the job it hit him hard.

“I created some meaningful relationships with the players and coaches in Geneseo, but this happened to be the right time and opportunity, and I had to take it,” said Martin. “You go through stages in life, and when I took the job at Geneseo my focus was basketball, but family time is the most important thing for me now. This also is something I have worked toward for the last three years.

“It will be tough not being on the sideline next year. It will really hit me when I know there are games going on and not being there.”

Martin said his favorite part about his time at Geneseo was the camaraderie with the coaches and players.

“I hope the players value themselves as students and basketball players, and I hope people appreciate the time players put in to get better and improve,” said Martin. “I had good kids and appreciated how hard they worked.”

“Brad Storm and Dave Martin, both brought a lot of respect to the program in the conference,” said Mackey. “We’ve only won four conference titles in 60 years and each of them won a title in a short time. They made us competitive and our style of basketball was hard-nosed with tough defense, and if you do that you will always be in a ball game.

“As the season progressed, the team became tougher and tougher last year. “They finished stronger over the last few years from when they started. Dave didn’t have a losing season while he was here. He kept us competitive.”

Martin said the most challenging time as a coach at Geneseo was when he first started and changing the way the team did things.

“The first time of doing something was  challenging, but I enjoyed it and learned from it,” said Martin. “I credit a lot of what I learned in Geneseo to  helping me get the administration job I have now.”

Martin’s biggest highlight was the first five or six games of his first season.

“There were no expectations, and we came out of the gates and played like I tought we would,” said Martin. “Also winning conference in the 2010-11 season was another highlight for me.

“I am going to miss the preparation for Friday nights because that is why you coach,” said Martin. “I am going to miss watching practice and seeing things come together.”

As for what’s next in the process of finding a new coach, Mackey said the position has been posted and the district will look to see if there are any candidates internally first and then will look outside the district.

“I would like to get this handled as soon as possible, but I understand it is process, and we want to get a good quality person to take over the helm,” said Mackey. “We have already had some inquiries about the position, so that is good. We are looking for a quality person to make the commitment to help develop the program.”

Mackey said for the rest of the summer, the assistant coaches as well as some coaches from other sports have stepped in to fill the void.

“We are very fortunate that we have coaches who were willing to step up even from different areas and help out. They are doing a nice job,” said Mackey.