The newly named DHCU?Diamond at Bollen?Field also known as Bollen Field Diamond No. 1, has a new tenant in the form of a new LED?scoreboard.

The newly named DHCU?Diamond at Bollen?Field also known as Bollen Field Diamond No. 1, has a new tenant in the form of a new LED?scoreboard.

“The most recent scoreboard was put up in the early 90s and used light bulbs, which were getting harder and harder to find replace parts for,” said Geneseo Youth Baseball and Softball president Chad Clauson.

The Geneseo Youth Baseball and?Softball board met in December and decided to start looking into replacing the scoreboard.

The board knew they didn’t have the funds for such a big project and decided to reach out the community.

“I put the feelers out for donations, and Jerica Minton at DHCU mentioned DHCU likes to put money into the community,” said Clauson. “I talked to Cheryl Frame at DHCU and they said they wanted to do the whole thing. It was easiest fund-raising I have ever had to do.”

“Chad Clauson had contacted us and in the course of the conversation we found out what they needed and their priorities at the field, which led to us donating the money to get the scoreboard up,” said DHCU vice president of marketing and eCommerce, Cheryl Frame.

“We have been a part of the Geneseo community for seven years now and we have a large membership base out there. We just knew it would be a great family place and enhance the experience at the ball field. There are a large amount of people who frequent the ball field and it was just a natural fit for us.”

The scoreboard is a Daktronics scoreboard, which is the same company that was used for the Geneseo High?School football scoreboard and the new baseball scoreboard at Stone Field.

The total cost of the project was close to $7,000, said Clauson.

The new scoreboard was installed the first week of May by Randy Bormann, Geneseo School District’s maintenance supervisor.

“My biggest thing is with any project we do is to make the experience more enjoyable and to improve the look of Bollen Field and the playing conditions,” said Clauson. “I am absolutely surprised with how fast the process was, and I am pleased with the final look of the scoreboard. It looks great and is definitely an improvement.”

“There was not a whole lot of discussion about donating. It just made sense,” said Frame. “It is something the kids of Geneseo needed and would appreciate. It would also enhance the overall community and the ability to bring people to Geneseo for tournaments.”

“I think?DHCU has been great to work with, and Cheryl said to always keep them in mind for future projects because they would be interested in doing more for the organization,” said Clauson.

“We are always looking to further our relationships with our members and the community,” said Frame. “This helps to get our name out there and Bollen Fields also are our backyard neighbors. It was just a no brainer for us to want to be a part of it.”

The Geneseo Youth Baseball and Softball organization offers recreational baseball and softball opportunities for ages 4 to 15.

With a variety of age levels and teams, the new scoreboard is in use every night of the week, said Clauson, whether it is for youth baseball games or traveling team games.