The Geneseo School District started a new school year with a new unit office.

The Geneseo School District started a new school year with a new unit office.

On Aug. 1, unit office staff members moved from their previous location on College Avenue to the new Chicago Street site.

“We’re still finding our way, trying to find light switches and so on,” said Geneseo superintendent Scott Kuffel.

The building, which originally housed Family Medical’s offices, was purchased by the school district from Hammond-Henry Hospital for $440,000.

The new building offers the school district “almost 3,000 square feet of more space than we had before,” said Kuffel.

“The basement is full-sized (under the building) and the amount of square footage is amazing,” he said.

Before moving to the Chicago Street location, the district’s unit office was housed in the former South School cafeteria structure.

“We knew the building wasn’t in compliance with a lot of the health, fire prevention and safety code issues,” said Kuffel. “We wanted a place where we could have a separate room for board meetings as well as space for training.

“We weren’t so much looking for a new unit office building as much as this opportunity presented itself. We view it as a good 30-40 year investment,” he said.

“The storage downstairs combined with additional parking and its proximity to the high school and middle school were the biggest selling points,” Kuffel noted.

School district officials plan to sell the former unit office site.

“We’re working to get that cleaned up and prepared for sale. Exactly what we’ll do with the maintenance building and garages is our biggest stumbling block at this point,” he said.

Legal work also will need to be completed to make the site eligible for sale.

“Over a century ago, the Regional Board of School Trustees had that deeded as institutional property. There is legal work that needs to be done to make that property available,” he said.

Kuffel said he doesn’t think the property will be available for sale until 2013.