New green trash bins soon will find their way to the homes of those living in the City of Geneseo. The forest green bins — a color selected specifically for Geneseo — will be delivered starting Thursday, Nov. 8.

New green trash bins soon will find their way to the homes of those living in the City of Geneseo.

The forest green bins — a color selected specifically for Geneseo — will be delivered starting Thursday, Nov. 8.

Residents are asked to set their trash bin out on their normal pick-up day (Thursday, Friday, Monday or Tuesday) and to leave the bin on the curb until new toters are delivered. It may take several days for a resident to receive their new bins.

The current box-like recycling bins may be kept by the homeowner and do not need to stay at the curb during the bin switch-over. However, any of the smaller recycling boxes placed on the curb after Dec. 1 will be viewed as unwanted and taken for recycling.

Allied Waste operations supervisor Dan Collins suggested residents keep the recycling bins for use in garage storage.

Residents may begin using the new garbage and recycling toters as soon as they receive them.

Current trash pick-up days will remain the same in Geneseo through the end of 2012.

As of Jan. 1, 2013, all city residents will be charged $12.95 a month for garbage service. The charge will be included on their monthly utility bill from the city, with the first billing to occur in December.

Garbage collection in Geneseo will be reduced from four days a week to just two — Thursdays and Fridays. In addition, recycling pick-up will move from a weekly schedule to a bi-weekly collection.

Residents living on the north side of Main Street, minus those in the Country Manor or Prairie View subdivisions, will have their trash picked up on Thursdays.

Country Manor and Prairie View residents, as well as all of those living south of Main Street, will have trash picked up on Fridays.

For those living on Main Street — the dividing line — trash pick up with be on Thursdays for those on the north side of the street and Fridays for those on the south side.

Even though the week of Jan. 1, 2013, will be the first for the new schedule, all trash pick up will be moved back a day that week to accommodate the New Year's Day holiday.

In July, Geneseo residents received a postcard asking them to select the trash and recycling toter size they wanted to receive.

Toters — which are in 95-gallon, 65-gallon and 35-gallon sizes — will be delivered based upon a resident's selected preference.

Those who did not return the card will receive, by default, a 95-gallon trash toter and a 65-gallon recycling toter.

Geneseo public works director Klint Rice said approximately 50 percent of the city's residents will receive the "default" sizes.

Customers also had the chance to purchase a yard waste toter. Those who purchased a yard waste bin will receive it at the same time as their garbage and recycling toters, however residents may not use their new yard waste toters until March of 2013.

Though the bodies of each bin are the same forest green color, lid color varies depending on the bin's use. The garbage bin has a green lid while the recycling bin is gray and the yard waste bin yellow.

The recycling bin lid also contains a tag detailing what items may or may not be recycled.

Attached to the new bins will be an information packet for customers. The packet will include a magnet detailing the 2013 bi-weekly recycling schedule, a recycling guide and details about the trash collection service.

With the new bins, customers are asked to leave three feet between the bins themselves as well as between the bins and any obstacle, such as a mailbox or parked vehicle, said Collins.

If residents believe the bins delivered to their home are not the size they ordered or if they have other questions about size changes, city officials request no inquiry calls be made to city hall until after Dec. 1.

"We need to get through the initial delivery of the bins before we can make any changes," said Rice.

The garbage and recycling changes come as the result of a new five-year contract signed with Allied Waste, a Republic Services company, by the Geneseo City Council.

The new contract with Allied Waste will permit residents to have yard waste collected on Mondays during "yard waste season," designated as March 1 to Dec. 15. There will be no additional fee for yard waste collection.

Those who did not purchase a yard waste toter are still welcome to place bundled brush or leaves and yard clippings in Kraft bags or cardboard boxes at the curb on Mondays.

Residents no longer will have to pay the $35 annual fee for grass clipping collection. Under the new contract, grass clippings will be included in what's picked up on the Monday yard waste collection. All Geneseo residents may use the Monday yard waste pick-up starting next March.

City officials will continue to offer curb-side Christmas tree collection after the holidays.

For more information, contact Allied Waste's customer service department at 1-800-233-9634.