The Henry and Stark Health Department announces that November is
National Home Health Care Month.

The Henry and Stark Health Department announces that November is
National Home Health Care Month. The theme for this year's observance is
"Because There Is No Place Like Home." Pam Bennett, RN Director of Home
Health Services with the Health Department, believes this is a great way to
focus attention on the thousands of dedicated professionals who have made it
their work to enable people to stay in the comfort of their own home and get
needed medical and personal cares.

"Every year National Home Health Month offers us an opportunity to
remind each of us of the importance of these services to our aging and
recuperating population. Especially, with the proposed health care
regulatory changes and their possible affect on client services."

Founded in 1966, the Health Department has been providing home health
services to this area's homebound patients and their families for over 45

In honor of National Home Health Care Month the Health Department notes
the following facts:

* The average Home Care Visits costs Medicare $150; the average hospital day
costs $1,500.

* Nearly 12 million Americans now rely on Home Health Care. Medicare covers
only 3.5 million of them.

* Home Care keeps families together.

* Home Care promotes healing and prevents infection.

* Statistics show home health patients get better faster in their own homes

* Home Care improves quality of life and has been proven to extend life.

* Home Care is the cost-effective health care solution.

Health Department home health services include: skilled nursing and
home health aide visits; homecare assistant services; and speech, physical,
and occupational therapies.

The Health Department still believes "that there's no place like home"
when you're recuperating from an illness or injury. Even with all the
challenges of Medicare and insurance companies, the Health Department home
health staff remains committed to providing quality home health care, as
we've done for so many years. To arrange home health services, call the
Health Department at (309) 852-0197 (Henry) or 852-3115 (Stark). Or, for
more information visit our website at or find us on
Facebook at Henry and Stark County Health Departments.