The Geneseo boys' basketball team started the season off on the right foot with a 3-0 record and the Thanksgiving Tournament title this past weekend.

The Geneseo boys' basketball team started the season off on the right foot with a 3-0 record and the Thanksgiving Tournament title this past weekend.

Geneseo vs. Alleman

The Leafs captured the Geneseo Thanksgiving Tournament title Nov. 24 with a 52-20 victory over Alleman.

"It was great," said head coach Brad Storm. "I told the guys I was proud of them because there were chances when they could have folded, but they hung in there. I am proud and happy with the way the guys played. I think the guys were a little shocked, but probably a lot of people were a little shocked."

It was a low scoring first quarter as the Leafs took the 7-5 lead and then knocked down 17 points in the second quarter for the 24-10 advantage that the break.

After the half, Geneseo came out and posted 20 points and held Alleman to six for the 44-16 lead. The Leafs closed out the game with eight points, while the Pioneers scored four in the fourth quarter.

Jordan Starkey, Ethan Radue and Austin Frank all posted double digits for the Leafs — Starkey brought in 17 points off five field goals, a three pointer and three free throws; Radue chipped in 10 points off two shots from beyond the arc and two field goals and Frank also had 10 as he hit four shots from the field and two free throws.

Grant Burress finished the night with four points off two field goals, while Brandon Rumler had three points off a field goal and a free throw.

Rounding out the effort were Luke Snyder, Nathan Yager, Jake Scott and Ethan Reschke, all with two points on a field goal, followed by Kevin Wolak with one point on a free throw.

"I was really happy with the chemistry this early in the season," said Storm. "For the first three games, there were a pretty minimal number of shots that I thought were not good ones."

Geneseo vs. Chicago Raby

Geneseo claimed its second win of the tournament Nov. 24 with a 78-69 win over Chicago Raby.

Geneseo jumped out to a 21-15 lead on Chicago Raby in the first quarter and knocked down 14 more points in the second quarter to take the 35-28 lead at the half.

Both squads scored 15 points in the third quarter to extend Geneseo's advantage to 50-43. The Leafs posted 28 points, while Raby added 26 in the final minutes of play for the 78-69 final.

"As a coach, you are always critical, but for the first three games, I thought we did a lot of good things, too, but we still have things to clean up," said Storm. "It is hard to be disappointed in the effort we got."

Starkey paced the squad with a game-high 25 points as he drained seven shots from the field, a three pointer and went 8-for-10 from the free-throw line.

Radue followed with 17 points of his own off two field goals, three three-pointers and four free throws; while Frank hit double figures with 16 points off seven field goals and two free throws.

Snyder and Ethan Reschke both scored five points for the Leafs — Snyder went 5-for-7 from the line, and Reschke drained a shot from beyond the arc and a field goal.

Yager and Wolak chipped in four points apiece, each with a field goal and two free throws; while Burress had two points on two free throws.

Geneseo vs. Ag Science

Led by 17 points from Radue, the Geneseo boys' basketball team notched its first win of the 2012-13 season, 54-41 over Ag Science in the opening game of the Geneseo Thanksgiving Tournament Nov. 23.

Radue drained three shots from beyond the arc, three field goals and two free throws for his 17 points.

Starkey also chipped in double figures with 11 points off five shots from the field and a free throw.

Burress added nine points to the win with three field goals and three free throws, while Snyder had eight points off four field goals.

Wolak ended the game with four points on a field goal and two free throws, followed by Frank and Mielke each with two points — Frank on a field goal and Mielke with two free throws. Brandon Rumler scored one point for the game on a free throw.

Geneseo took an early 11-8 lead in the first quarter, while both teams scored 12 points in the second for a 23-20 score at the half in favor of the Leafs.

The Leafs extended their lead in the third quarter as the squad knocked down 17 points and held Ag Science to only eight for a 40-28 score. Geneseo managed to hold off Ag Science in the fourth quarter as the Leafs scored 14 points and Ag Science 13.

"This shows our system works and it will work for them too if they execute it," said Storm. "It is a huge confidence boost. We have the ability and system to win some games."

"It didn't seem like four years had gone by," said Storm. "It was like riding a bike. I was not nervous, but anxious for our first game and I stepped right back in. It was fun to get back in that environment because I missed that."

The Leafs (3-0 overall) will host Sterling tonight at 7:30 p.m.