Geneseo High School student Jacob Stimes was named the second quarter's “Student of the Quarter.”

Geneseo High School student Jacob Stimes was named the second quarter's "Student of the Quarter."

At the end of each quarter, staff members at Geneseo High School are asked to identify a student who they feel deserves special recognition.

Teachers base their selection on the following criteria:

• Has the student shown a positive attitude toward learning the subject?

• Has the student demonstrated leadership in classroom and school activities?

• Has the student been enthusiastic about school?

• Has the student helped others to learn and be successful?

• Has the student been involved in school related activities?

• Has the student expressed a desire to improve?

Students nominated were honored at an assembly and reception on Dec. 19.

In addition to Stimes, second-quarter nominees include: Shalana Atwell, Carter Biellier, Liliana Blankenship, Emily Blunk, Kailee Boggs, Ella Bouwens, Catlyn Boyd, Devin Burris, Craig Capps, Alyssa Castro, Shelby Clary, Bailey Conard, Megan Cordes, Jacob Dennis, Darci Dietrich, Megan DuBois, Emma Evans-Peck, Emily Gentry, Madeline Henderson, Michelle Henry, Daulton Johnson, Devin Knoll, Elliot Koster, Beth Ann Koustas, Austin Lindstrom, Emilee Livesay, Anna Madigan, Danielle Manna, Anthony Marimon, Jessica Mattan, Auriana Mayer, Larz McIntosh, Madison Miller, Tyler Milroy, Michael Neuwohner, Hannah Pace, Cameron Panicucci, Brock Piotrowski, Jessica Schaumburg, Jordan Schnowske, Robert Shore, Mikayla Simms, Austin Swan, Joseph Thomas, Emily VandeWiele, Thomas Wassell, Kevin Wolak, Jacob Yarger, Claire Yerkey, Noelle Zumbrock and Ryan Zum Mallen.