I know a dog that lives with books. He doesn’t chew them up or toss then about like bulky toys. No, Literary Dog gently lays his head on the nearest volume and sleeps a sleep some people would envy.

He does know plenty of words, though not necessarily as a result of close proximity to dictionaries or any of the other books serving double-duty as pillows.

These are his words that come to mind: treat—I fear that’s his favorite by far—cow, kitty, toy, stay, outside, Blue… Years ago, had we known of Literary Dog’s aptitude for learning, we could have worked with him on a daily basis, and by this time, he could well be barking such a rich vocabulary as to put other dogs to shame. Alas, we sold him short. As with other well-meaning folks, we made the mistake of thinking a dog just a dog, a cuddly but limited creature.


Never underestimate your dog or cat, or parrot for that matter.