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Bruce Springsteen’s 10 Best Love Songs (with vids!)
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By Leann Pomaville
Feb. 14, 2013 5:05 p.m.

photo by Leann Pomaville

Yesterday and this morning, over 200 readers spoke through our poll and chose Bruce Springsteen’s Top Ten love songs. The top 5 songs were winners by a long shot, with number one, “Drive All Night,” capturing 12% of the votes. (Not bad for a small, open-ended poll).
So here are Bruce Springsteen’s top ten love songs (due to two ties there are eleven on our list) as chosen by Blogness readers! May your Valentine’s Day be filled with the kind of love only Bruce Springsteen captures in music.
The Spotify Playlist: Springsteen Love Songs
1. Drive All Night

2. Tougher Then The Rest

3. Back In Your Arms

4. Happy

5. Kingdom Of Days

6. Valentine’s Day

7. Thunder Road

8. When You Need Me

8. She’s The One

10. I Wanna Marry You

10. If I Should Fall Behind

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