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The E Tweet Band: The Blogness guide to E Streeters (and associates) on Twitter
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By Anne Haines
March 11, 2013 11:05 a.m.

Amy Lofgren tweeted this photo of Nils headed off to Australia.

With our beloved E Streeters on their way to Australia, we here in the U.S. are feeling a little left behind. Not only is the airfare too expensive for most of us to do more than daydream about being there, but thanks to the magic of time zones, those of us with day jobs probably can’t even plan on watching the setlists unfold in real time. So what’s a fan to do?
Well, it’s been said (by me, five minutes ago) that a tweet is the shortest distance between two points. And increasingly, Twitter has become a great way to get quick updates and photos straight from the horse’s mouth — wait, horses don’t tweet, they neigh… metaphor fail! Anyway, several of the E Street Band members are on Twitter now, and here’s the official Blogness guide to who’s who. As far as we know, with one exception, these are actually the people they purport to be, not fake or parody accounts. And they’re worth following.
Core band members:
Bruce Springsteen – @springsteen This is the one exception; don’t expect any Bruce-composed tweets here, but it is the Twitter account of brucespringsteen.net and any information coming from it can be considered to be official.

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