“Pursue your dreams not because you’re immune to heartbreak but because your real life, your whole life, is worth getting your heart broken a few 1,000 times.” (Martha Beck)

Martha Beck is a journalist for Cosmopolitan Magazine. When I read the above quote years ago it caused me to stop and reflect. People can take a lot of things away from you. They can remove you from your job, surroundings, possessions, relationships etc. However, they cannot rob you of your spirit. They can try to oppress you with their words and actions, but with the right frame of mind they can’t keep you down.

You have to find a way to continue striving for what you want to achieve even without the approval of others. I tell my students that when they don’t have someone in their corner, they have to be their own cheerleader. It is imperative to go on, despite what people say about you or try to do to you.

Let’s face it, life is not fair. You don’t always get what you want and seldom do you receive accolades for what you are good at. All you can do is what you know in your heart-of-hearts is right. If you have gifts that you can unselfishly share with the world then you have an obligation to yourself and others to share those gifts. As a preacher once said, “When you are given a coat of many colors, put it on and wear it proudly.”

Don’t cower down to bullies that try to still your joy. Don’t believe what they tell you when they say “you are unfit” for this or that. Pursue your dreams no matter what, you only live once.