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Fox News falsely blames Obama for Pentagon rule against religious proselytizing in the military
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By Pat Cunningham
May 4, 2013 5:15 p.m.

When they’re not peddling suspicions that Barack Obama is a Muslim, the right-wing media are eager to portray the president as godless and anti-religion — if not downright satanic.
Such has been the case of late, as we see HERE:

Fox News’ Sean Hannity and Todd Starnes portrayed restraints on [religious] proselytization as proof of the Obama administration’s purported “war on religious liberty in the military,” despite the fact that military policy has long prohibited unwanted proselytization.

On the May 2 edition of his Fox News show,†Hannity claimed that a Pentagon statement†reiterating the military’s longtime policy against proselytizing was ...

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