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Joe Reppucci of Lexington, Mass., writes about dogs and keeping them a healthy part of the family. He has worked as a reporter and editor on major daily newspapers in the Boston area for more than 30 years and is a graduate of Lexington High School ...
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Joe Reppucci of Lexington, Mass., writes about dogs and keeping them a healthy part of the family. He has worked as a reporter and editor on major daily newspapers in the Boston area for more than 30 years and is a graduate of Lexington High School and of Suffolk University in Boston. He writes often about nutrition, behavior and saving money on pet supplies and insurance.
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May 4, 2013 11:15 a.m.

You, your dog may be sleeping with thousands of fleas
That itch you get while sleeping is likely to be more than just the dog's tail rubbing against your leg; the sensation may be from thousands of fleas that have infested the bed or couch if your pet likes to snuggle with you.
Research shows that fleas flourish in comfy places, making your bed and the dog's sleeping area fertile breeding grounds, according to PDSA, a veterinary charity in Britain.
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A book about a rescue dog
that will touch your heart
THE HUNT OF HER LIFE, is a nonfiction book about Samantha, an unwanted rescue dog who the author adopts at age 2. This nicely designed full-color book, by longtime newspaper journalist and MySetterSam.com publisher Joseph A. Reppucci, contains more than 60 beautiful color photos of dogs to help illustrate the compelling and uplifting story of Samantha - a pretty tricolor bird dog who uses her warm personality to win people over and build a new family after being put up for adoption by a hunter because she is gun-shy and afraid to hunt. Learn how she uses her special bonding abilities with people to help her eventually make a transition from the hunting fields to family life.
While reading the The Hunt of Her Life, you will travel with Samantha and the author along a trail filled with surprising twists, sudden turns, mystery and even what some call a miracle. And when the journey is finished, you may never look at people and their pets, motherhood - and perhaps even God - in the same way. The vibrant color photos are carefully positioned throughout the book so you can see images of Samantha and other dogs as you are reading about them, making the story and dogs come alive!
Pet enthusiasts will appreciate the deep bond shared between this unwanted rescue dog and the book's author. Their unique closeness helps Samantha to twice defy certain death. Mothers will be touched by the relationship that the author has with his own mother. Their connection helps him to overcome many frustrations and deal with overwhelming odds in his suspenseful nationwide "hunt" to try to locate the unknown birthplace and family roots of his unregistered rescue dog after she eventually succumbs to illness. Those who like suspense will be intrigued and fascinated by the crafty investigative journalism techniques the author uses to try to uncover his dog's family tree. And everyone will be in awe as they come to realize that God all along has been providing a guiding hand in Samantha's journey through life and astonished when they ultimately learn about the mystical gift at the end of this rescue dog's trail.
The Hunt of Her Life is must reading. It will take you on a captivating journey - a trip like no other - that will touch your heart.
What they are saying:
"A wonderful journey made all the more remarkable by the determination of the author to honor his beloved English Setter and her bloodline. Twist after twist, turn after turn, you're never let down as The Hunt of Her Life proceeds toward its uplifting conclusion. Vivid photos complement the intelligent narrative. Don't forget the tissues, but don't worry - there's plenty to smile about, too."
- Dick Trust, sports writer (retired),
The Patriot Ledger of Quincy, Mass.
''The book is terrific! Wonderfully written, and I loved looking at those magnificent color photographs. This book really moved me, and I couldn't put it down. I don't own a dog, but I was inspired by this compelling rescue dog's story."
- Matthew Spencer, reporter,
Nebraska Life magazine
"A wonderful story that is told with love and pride by a fine writer. It's a great tribute not only to Samantha, the rescue dog who is the book's main character, but to rescue dogs everywhere, of all kinds. This book is a must read for all dog lovers."
- Maryellen Dever, freelance reporter,
Hingham, Mass., Journal
Available at:
Also find it on: Amazon.com
Join us on: Goodreads.com
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“Fleas thrive in a warm environment, and their larvae feed off debris such as pet dandruff and adult flea feces, making your pet’s bed the perfect breeding ground," Sean Wensleya veterinarian with PDSA, states in a media release. "If your dog or cat sleeps on your bed, then that’s one of the places where the fleas will thrive.”PDSA estimates that some pet beds could contain hundreds of flea eggs at any one time. Fleas can jump about 8 inches high and three feet in distance so within weeks a home can become infested.
“Under favorable conditions a single flea can give rise to a population of 20,000 in just two months because of the rapid rate at which they reproduce,” Dr. Wensleya said.
The keys to preventing and ridding a pet's bed of fleas are keeping the sleeping area clean and using a flea product, Dr. Wensleya said.
But pet parents must be careful when using flea products, Dr. Wensleya said. A dog flea treatment used on a cat or applying more than the recommended dosage can cause fatal poisoning.
“Owners need to use a safe and effective flea treatment product on their pets” said Dr. Wensleya, who advises consulting a veterinary before apply a flea medication. “It is essential that owners regularly use the correct flea treatments in the right manner.”
Dr. Wensleya says flea products bought over-the-counter, from pet shops or supermarkets may be unsafe and less effective than those prescribed by a veterinarian.
Cleanliness also is essential for controlling fleas, so pet parents should regularly wash and vacuum their dog’s bedding and living areas to prevent fleas, flea eggs and larvae from thriving, Dr. Wensleya said. "Your pet’s bed should be washed at least weekly in hot water to ensure all stages of the flea life cycle are destroyed.”
PSDA offers these tips to help control fleas:
  • Wash your dog's or cat’s bed once a week in a 60-degree wash to destroy any flea eggs.
  • Vacuum to remove pet dandruff and dirt from a pet’s bedding, making it harder for the flea larvae to survive.
  • Choose veterinary bedding, which is made of synthetic fur-type material on a woven base. This can be machine-washed and is stay-dry so any moisture will disappear.
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