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By Rob Meltzer
May 14, 2013 5:16 p.m.

Reagan made a joke at one of the correspondents dinners that was too close to truth to be funny. He said that to some degree he envied Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon, because with the threat of nuclear war, a mistake by the president would result in no one being around to point fingers. By 1982, the doomsday clock had been sufficiently set back that, for all of the discussion of nuclear freeze and the Day After, threat of imminent nuclear war and total destruction seemed to be in abeyance. It was at that point, with terrorism climbing into the front seat, that Reagan seemed to lose his marbles, leading to Iran/Contra. Terrorism is worse than nuclear war, because it leaves enough people behind to point fingers at the president, and its easy for obsession to grow. That mentality certainly suffused the thinking of George W, as one 9/11 on his watch was bad enough, and its a fair statement that he became totally unhinged. And the same thing seemed to happen to Obama–it seems early on that he developed an obsession that there wouldn’t be a 9/11 on his watch, and his conduct thereafter represented, seemingly, a total repudiation of everything that he seemed to believe in during his absurdly short public career. The corruption and sleaze that we are seeing now seems, like Iran/Contra, to be an outgrowth of the fact that Obama has spent so much time obsessing with not being blamed for the death of civilians that he hasn’t been minding the store. Equally, he seems to be growing increasingly unhinged about Syria, and the very real possibility that drawing Israel into that war raises the very real spectre of a limited nuclear war for the first time in twenty years. (limited, in that the last thing Obama wants is to have most of the Middle East glow in the dark because Iran insists on sending dangerous missiles to Hezbollah to try and create a deterrent to a strike on Iran to stop a nuclear weapons program.) We’ve just seen a week in which abuses by the IRS, Justice and State are becoming more apparent, and in which his administration launched an appeal aimed at stopping access of women to medication for reproductive health, while the Middle East continues to deteriorate and Obama seems aimless and lost in terms of domestic policy.† Watching o’bama’s performance at the press conference yesterday, it is clear that he is becoming unglued, paranoid, unhinged. It was kind of funny watching Cameron lean away from him. While psychologists will someday have a field day with this Jeckyll/Hyde character, its not really funny at the moment watching Obama trying to figure out who his friends still are, when he is running out of people to pander to.

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