The Northern Illinois Big 12 Conference All-Sports Trophy has returned to Geneseo.

The Northern Illinois Big 12 Conference All-Sports Trophy has returned to Geneseo.

Geneseo High School won the 2013 All-Sports Trophy, which is the school’s third trophy. Geneseo won the trophy the first two years the conference was in existence, but Sterling has claimed the honor the last two years.

“(The All-Sports Trophy) was even proposed back when we were in the NCIC and it values each of your sports on the same level,” said GHS athletic director Travis Mackey. “No one sport receives more points than another, it is about how strong your athletic program is.”

Each sport is awarded points depending on their finish in the conference. First-place finishes are awarded six points, five for second, and so on.

“We have been fortunate to be in the Top 2 the last five years, and, by us winning this year, it was an opportunity to bring it home,” said Mackey. “It is nice because our coaches really root for each other and are always asking where we are at in the standings. It is a great way to form camaraderie.”

This year, Geneseo had six first-place finishes in girls’ cross country, wrestling, boys’ track, girls’ track, girls’ soccer and boys’ tennis.

Placing second this year were: boys’ cross country, boys’ golf and boys’ soccer; while the team’s finishing third were football, girls’ tennis, volleyball, girls’ basketball, boys’ basketball, baseball and softball.

Girls’ golf is not included in the standings because there are not enough teams in the conference, said Mackey.

“This is big for our athletes and our coaches because it just shows we have across-the- board athletic programs that are strong and very competitive,” said Mackey. “I see more kids at other kids’ events and coaches at other events. It is the ability to share something bigger than what an individual sport brings.”