Growing up with a Mother that bakes spoils you for life.

Growing up with a Mother that bakes spoils you for life. You no longer are content with store box cookies that are hard like a brick. While you will settle for what you can get, why would you when you can bake your own?

If you look at the price of store bought cookies, you can make your own just as cheaply and they will taste better too. When I was a kid my Mom baked once or twice a week. In the winter when my Dad was rabbit hunting she made huge batches of cookies for him to take hunting and also for us to eat at home. We ate a lot of Oatmeal and Raisin, but she also made Snicker doodles which are pure bliss. The combination of butter and cinnamon melt in your mouth.

She was notorious for her homemade cakes. Her Italian Cream Cake beats all. She also makes a homemade Banana Nut Cake that is my Father’s birthday cake every year. Now that she no longer has kids in the house, she bakes for her Grandchildren. She keeps a large Tupperware container on the counter with goodies in it. The Grand kids look forward to coming home from school to see what Grandma has made for them.

She always boasts that everything she makes is “easy”. Easy or not it is always delicious.  An added perk is that it also makes the house smell good. Last weekend when I was there she had made an Apple Spice Cake that was moist and delicious. Sometimes she makes pies. She can’t make just one, because it wouldn’t last a day. Typically her standby is pumpkin pie, but she also makes a mean pecan pie and a fantastic chocolate. My Dad’s favorite joke is he only likes two kinds of pie “hot and cold”.

I truly love to bake. I am not much of a cook. In fact, I refer to myself as a “non-cook”. I can cook enough to get by, but I hate cooking because I don’t enjoy it. Boy though, do I ever love to bake. I finally got a Kitchen Aid upright mixer and there is no stopping me now. I think it is one of the best inventions ever made. I always bake for charity events because baking is something I enjoy doing and I am proficient at. If I get down sometimes I just bake something to give it away and it blesses my day and the people who received the treat.

My daughter’s favorite cookies are Hershey Chocolate. I make them from scratch and she says they are “awesome”. Every now and then she will say something really subtle like “Isn’t it about time you baked some cookies?” and that is all the encouragement I need. While you can buy anything baked pre-made at the store that does ensure that it is better than Mom’s.