For many athletes, their teammates feel like family, but in the case of Geneseo’s Nicole and Kelcey Adams they already have that family connection.

For many athletes, their teammates feel like family, but in the case of Geneseo’s Nicole and Kelcey Adams they already have that family connection.

The Adams sisters will be teammates for the first time when Kelcey joins Nicole on the Benedictine University volleyball team this fall.

Nicole will be entering her senior year as a middle hitter for the squad, and Kelcey will be starting her freshman year as a setter.

Being involved in the sport of volleyball has been a connection for the sisters and has formed an even closer bond between the girls.

“Volleyball has given us a connection. Nicole has helped me by going outside and peppering on the road,” said Kelcey. “We go outside all the time, and now we go out even more because we have something to work on. We also help out our younger sister, Hannah.”

“Volleyball has given us a stronger connection and it is always the three of us (Nicole, Kelcey and Hannah) peppering in the driveway, and we even get our parents involved,” said Nicole. “I would say we are closer as sisters because of volleyball. We always have each others’ back and will always help each other out.”

Even with her sister at the school, Kelcey said Benedictine, located in Lisle, was never on her radar of possible schools to go to.

“I didn’t even think about Benedictine until halfway through track season,” said Kelcey. “After I went to North Central College and it didn’t feel like the right place, Nicole was the first to mention Benedictine, and then the coach mentioned something to Nicole. Then it all came together.

“I thought Nicole made her mark there, and I needed to make my mark somewhere else, but now we can do that at the same school and she can show me the ropes. The turning point was when I went to an open gym and we played together. All the players were welcoming and didn’t compare us by any means.

“I feel like I made the right decision and I know I am at the right school with the right people.”

Nicole said when Kelcey was looking at schools her advice to her was to do what she wanted to do, don’t follow in her sister’s footsteps or think she had to go to Benedictine.

“I wanted her to make her own decision and I am very proud of her,” said Nicole. “She has taken one more step to getting better and strengthening her skills. Playing in college is such a different role because you don’t have your parents there and it is a different environment, but I know she will do a good job adapting.

“I am excited definitely. I absolutely love the program here and I know Kelcey will get along with everyone. I know it is a good place and I know she will enjoy it here.”

Kelcey expects this first season to be a humbling experience as she learns the way.

“It will be humbling to play where Nicole does because there are big shoes to fill,” said Kelcey. “College has done a lot for Nicole and she has improved, so I am excited to see what it will do for me.”

While Nicole and Kelcey are on the same team, they will not be in competition for spots in the lineup, which takes a little pressure off playing on the same team together.

“It is a relief we are not competing for the same position,” said Nicole. “Kelcey has said she got the short end of the genes in height, but she has done a good job as a setter.”

Kelcey said she is nervous about a lot of things as she prepares to head off to her first year of college because she doesn’t want to disappoint.

“Nicole expects a lot of me and holds me to high expectations,” said Kelcey. “She is excited for me and I am excited, too. I know she will always be there to help. It is nice to have that support even though she won’t be living on campus. I will see her when I need her.”

“Having me here, I can show her what to do and what not to do,” said Nicole. “It is positive knowing someone else is here, and I told her she can come and cook at my apartment anytime. When she decided on BU it was a win-win for both of us, and I am looking forward to it.”

With Nicole being a senior and Kelcey a freshman, the girls realize there is a small chance they could be on the court at the same time, which is something that has never happened before.

“I visualize if we would ever get the chance to play together, and I get too excited,” said Kelcey.

“For me and Kelcey to play together (if we get the opportunity) will be an experience,” said Nicole. “She knows what she has to do, and has a good role model in our other setter to look up to.

“It is a very rare occasion to have siblings playing in college, and very rare at the same college,” said Nicole. “This year is definitely a once in a lifetime experience, especially for me being my senior season. It will be an emotional season, and I hope we do well.”

“This a fresh start for volleyball with a whole new team that I never played with before,” said Kelcey. “I am excited but it will be hard to learn all new hitters and what they need.”