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Mark your calendars for next year's garen tour in Buffalo, NY
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Get out your clipboard of fun and schedule this event for next year...It is worth it! Even if you are not a "garden person", you will enjoy the Garden Walk in Buffalo, N.Y.
Buffalo has the largest garden walk in the nation, which is held the last weekend in July. Prior to this big national event...on weekend's throughout June and July, gardens are open around the city for visitors.
Even a real go getter gardener could not see the almost 1,000 gardens available for tour over that time period. It is, as they say, a six week long garden party.
We are not talking public access gardens, but peeking into the backyards of the beautiful homes of the trending neighborhoods of the city. Explore, talk with the homeowners and just enjoy the beauty. Walk the streets and take a peek into the shops and have a bite to eat and the many restaurants.
The unique style of gardens is certainly, as someone put it, Buffalo Style! Distinct art work, designs and a lot of hard work go into beautifying the city.
The city of Buffalo has so much to offer, you will not have trouble filling a long weekend with fun things to do even on a weekend when there is no Garden Walk.
Visit these blog posts for more info on the gardens.
Then...get out your planner, calendar or phone and save the last weekend in July 2014...book hotels early, they fill up!!!

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