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Bruce Springsteen means LOVE, the AUS 60 Minutes Interview
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By Leann Pomaville
Aug. 19, 2013 5:05 p.m.

Last night a Bruce Springsteen interview premiered on Australia’s 60 minutes. The interview took place at the Kilkenny, Ireland concert so pay close attention for those you know who were there! In the interview Bruce talked about his spiritual connection with the audience and much more. There are also extra minutes available on the AUS 60 Minutes iPad app, and linked below. Enjoy!
My favorite quote from the interview:
“Music is magical, music stops the clock… If there’s three hours time ceases. It is the one place where for a brief moment you are the master of time and space for real.” -Bruce Springsteen
The Full AUS 60 Minutes interview
Extra Minutes: Bruce means LOVE
Extra Minutes: The interview location

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