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New beers from Slumbrew, Smuttynose and Stone reviewed
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By Norman Miller
Aug. 23, 2013 5:05 p.m.

The weekend is here, so many of you will be heading to the beer store trying to find some new beers to try.
So, as my continued service to you, I tried several new beers (and a new cider) that youíll see on the shelves to help you decide if itís something youíll like.
First up this week is the new fall seasonal cider from Angry Orchard, the Cinnful Apple.
Liking this cider will really be dependant on whether you like cinnamon. The first thing you smell when you open the bottle is cinnamon, quickly followed by fresh apples. Those smells quickly turn into flavor Ė it almost tastes like liquid apple crisp.
If youíre not a cider fan, this may be too much for you. However, if youíre like me and love cinnamon and apples this is definitely worth seeking out. Itís available now in six packs.
Next up is the new wee heavy from Innis & Gunn, the Canadian Cherry Wood Finished ale.
This wee heavy is brewed with maple syrup and aged on cherry wood chips. It smells like sweet cherry and maple syrup. Once you take your first sip, youíll pick up a lot of flavors Ė a little cherry, some plums, vanilla and a sweet maple candy-like taste.
The Innis & Gunn is all about the malt Ė the hops are barely detectable. Despite being sweet, itís not cloying. It actually kind of reminds me of a low alcohol Samuel Adams Utopias. Itís a great sipping beer, a real pleasure to drink.
Iíve been a fan of most Slumbrew beers, but I really had no interest in the new Sittiní on Hop of the World. I havenít liked many white IPAs and Iím not a huge fan of peaches, which are a key ingredient to this beer, so it didnít appeal to me. However, several people raved about it, so I gave it a try.
Iím glad I did. This is Slumbrewís best beer to date. The peach flavor works perfectly in the beer, blending nicely with the floral hops, with neither flavor overwhelming the other. It smells fantastic.
bbrhye_ipa_label-2Smuttynose Brewing Company has re-released its former Short Batch series Rye IPA as the newest Big Beer, the Rhye IPA.
This is a 7 percent alcohol by volume (ABV) IPA smells slightly peppery from the rye, mixed with a piney hop aroma. The peppery rye flavor is there when you taste the Rhye, but there is a sweet, almost biscuity, malt flavor that stands out more than youíd expect from the aroma.
The hops donít really shine as much as you expect in an IPA, but there is a pleasant bitterness. Overall, itís a really solid beer.
And finally, the Stone Brewing Companyís 17th Anniversary GŲtterdšmmerung IPA has hit stores.
This is a unique IPA Ė completely different from anything Stone has done. Using mainly German ingredients, including hops and malts, itís not the typical West Coast IPA.
The results are mixed. The beer smells slightly like plums and pears, mixed with an earthiness. But the taste starts off overly herbal, almost medicinal. That quickly gives way to a clean drinking and balanced IPA. I think I just took a little while to get used to the flavors.
Ok, time to go to the packie.

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