It’s the fall season, which means it's my favorite season. Well, technically we are not in fall quite yet, but I like to think it is just around the corner. And if you are a bird watcher of any kind, then this can be an exciting time for you. Migration is underway as we speak. Many birds are departing with just as many arriving. With that in mind, I would like to give you just a few locations in our area where birdwatching is a must.

We might as well start with one of the best and that is Emiquon. You never know what you might see here. From pelicans to ibises, there is a little of everything. Sore and wading birds are king here, so don’t miss out on this local hotspot.

Banner Marsh is another good location.You might have to look a little harder here, and it is by no means an Emiquon, but you can find many different species here. And with nearby trees, you can find many woodland species as well.

Double T near Canton is another one of those in-between hotspots. Every day is not going to be a hot day for birds, in addition to the fact that dove hunters will be in there for a while, but you have a good mix of woods and waters that offer a good variety of species.

If you are willing to drive a bit, then Lake Chautauqua outside of Havana is the kingpin. There are plenty of birds here and many, many species. It might take some looking, but you never know what you might find here — lots of shorebirds.

Keep along your bird books and a good pair of binoculars or spotting scope on these trips. Take along some coffee and lunch and hit them all in one day, if you can. It’s exciting!