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By Norman Miller
Sept. 4, 2013 5:05 p.m.

Everyone knows that pizza and beer go together like peanut butter and jelly, but in the next couple of weeks I have a challenge – pair 10 gourmet, grilled pizzas with 10 different beers.
And, since a lot of beer geeks like to share their opinions, I’m looking for some advice.
The first pizza is called the White-on-White and it’s made with white asparagus, oil-packed artichoke hearts, lemon juice, grits, white bean puree, parmigiana-reggiano cheese and mascarpone.
The second pizza is the Blistered Corn, Asparagus and Pesto Pizza. The main ingredients is pretty much listed in the name, but it also includes brie and red pepper flakes.
Next up is the Magic Mushroom Medley Pizza, which is made with leeks, wild mushrooms, cognac, Camembert cheese and roasted garlic paste.


The Fire-Roasted Veggie Pizza follows. It is made with portobello mushrooms, Japanese eggplants, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes and aged goat cheese.
The next pizza is the one I’m looking forward to the most – the Maine Event Lobster & Corn Pizza, made with lobster, Tuscan red sauce, St. Andre Cheese, corn and fresh chives.
The sixth pizza is the Fennelicious Pizza, its made with fennel, Italian sausages, onion marmalade, taleggio cheese and Tuscan red sauce.
The seventh pizza is the Greens on White Pizza. It is made with Roasted garlic paste, mozzarella, ricotta and asiago cheeses, white truffle oil, prosciutto and arugula.
The Black ‘N’ Blue Steak Pizza looks tasty – let’s face it, steak is awesome and this is made with sirloin steak, garlic paste, onion marmalade and Roquefort cheese.
The ninth pizza also sounds tasty. It’s the Port-Drizzled Fig & Stilton Pizza, made with orange marmalade, dried figs, port and of course, Stilton Cheese.
The final pizza is a dessert pizza called the Caramel Apple Pie Pizza (a la Mode). It features Granny Smith apples, ground cinnamon, caramel sauce, almonds and vanilla ice cream.
So what do you think? I got myself a challenge. I want to have 10 distinct beers to wow the dinner attendees. I have some ideas, but would love for everyone to chime in.

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