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Goodtimes this Labor Day Weekend
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By Matt Gholson
Sept. 4, 2013 12:01 a.m.

We had some good times this Labor Day weekend.  My brother, my old pal Karl, and I went camping at Lake Glendale Saturday, it was brutally hot and humid.  We came to the conclusion that if you sit in one place and tried really hard not to move then you could cool down and be sort of comfortable.  Another  old pal showed up and we had a good time shooting the breeze, talking about zombie defense, and other important topics.
img_2556_1037A group of mountain bike enthusiasts joined us Sunday morning and we rode 12 miles towards Dixon Springs and did an out and back on the Red Dog.  I got to the front the dropped the hammer on the Red Dog for the return trip but that trail has so many twists and turns that I was having a hard time staying on it.  Had one minor crash, no injuries to report, and only one flat tire which is good for me.
baycity2013_2 baycity2013Monday morning Shon and I rode the Eddyville-BayCity-Eddyville route which is an excellent route.  It’s about 50 miles, all on smooth painted roads and features over 3000 feet of climbing.  I stopped to show Shon the spot where the plane crash scene from the 1997 movie US Marshals was filmed.  The film makers placed a crashed 727 in the water and converted a house into the World’s Best BBQ restaurant.
I spent the rest of the evening  at my Mom and Dad’s Labor Day BBQ where my Dad actually had some of the world’s best BBQ.  I did quite a bit of running around and playing with kids.  I went home and passed out.  Today I have sore muscles in places where I didn’t even know there were muscles.


Here’s the building as it looks today, no longer the world’s best BBQ

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