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Make a splash in the desert...a unique adventure
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This adventure
surpasses all of your
thoughts of what to do
in the desert...it is a splash down.
There are many adventures out there to be had, but not many like Desert Splash in Scottsdale, Arizona. You don't think of a "splash" when you think desert, but this adventure takes you on a one of a kind scenic adventure across the desert and mountains near Phoenix, Arizona.
Those with a sense of adventure will climb aboard the Desert Splash seaplane at Scottsdale's airport and take off on an exciting journey. You will soar by historic sites, so close to the mountains you feel you can reach out and touch them and over beautiful water and desert scenery. But, the best is when you experience a thrilling water landing on Roosevelt Lake.
Desert Splash offers several choices of seaplane adventures that include historic sites, water landings, city lights and Sunday brunch on an island. The scenery alone is worth the trip as it is something never see from the ground.
The plane holds 9 passengers and each has their own window and headset. So everyone hears the pilot and the music and has a clear view of the beautiful landscape of desert, mountains, lakes and canyons. Technically...it is a Cessna Caravan jet-prop Amphibious Seaplane.
The only thing you need to do for this trip is decide which adventure you want to take.
On the Apache Air Trail Adventure, passengers get to experience the trail the way the crow flies. Seaplane adventurers will also get that bird's eye view of a national historic landmark, Roosevelt Dam. It was one of the five federal projects authorized on 1903, Construction began in 1906 and was completed in 1911. It had a face lift and expansion that began in 1989 and was completed in 1996.
The Apache Trail Adventure takes you over the mountains for a gentle landing on Roosevelt Lake, which is the largest lake in Central Arizona covering 22,000 acres of surface water. Your pilot gently banks you around the lake in an approach for the water landing. You seem to peacefully glide forever before touching down on the glistening lake. The landing is surprisingly smooth.
The Apache Trail was once a stagecoach trail running through the Superstition Mountains. It got its name from the Apache Indians as they used the trail to move through the mountains.
Flying and winding around the mountains, over the canyons, rivers and lakes of the area is beautiful. Also on the adventure you get an eye level view of the Tonto Indian ruins located in the mountain side, which is an experience in itself. This tour is a little more than an hour in duration.
Taking the evening City Lights Adventure has you soaring above East Valley, Central Phoenix, West Valley and Scottsdale. It begins with a reception of Hors D'oeuvres in the Desert Splash executive lounge. Then you will depart from the Scottsdale Airport and enjoy the spectacular aerial views of East Mesa, Camelback Mountain, Cardinals Stadium, Squaw Peak. It is about a 45 minute tour.

For a true adventure of a different kind, how about Sunday Brunch in the middle of Roosevelt Lake? At the airport you will board the Desert Splash plane and fly the Apache Air Trail. It is a sight to behold in the morning sky on your way to Roosevelt Lake. Once you have made your water landing, a catered brunch, served by one of the award winning restaurants from Phoenix, will be served at a secluded location on the lake's shores. Linen tablecloths and all. <>
Desert Splash partners with other tours to add even more possible adventures to your experience. <>
You will want to book a reservation in advance.
Visit www.desertsplashadventures.com/ for more information or call 877-588-8819. The flights run from fall through the spring and not during summer months.<>
The flight is sure to give passengers a real sense of the beauty of our country and the wonders it has to offer.

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