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More Lying from the War Mongers
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By Rob Meltzer
Sept. 9, 2013 11:05 a.m.

William Hague, the British Foreign Minister says of Assad that “we know that his regime gave orders…we know they deployed forces…” the United States knows “where the rockets came from and where they landed…and it was no accident that they all came from regime-controlled territory and all landed in opposition held territory…”
John Kerry says “I just gave† you real evidence, evidence that as a former prosecutor in the United States I could take into a court room and get admitted.”
White House Chief of State Dennis McDonough contradicts Kerry, saying that there is no “irrefutable, beyond a reasonable doubt evidence…” and that this “is not a court of law” and we should be using a “common sense standard.”
If Hague and Kerry have real evidence, which McDonough at the White House denies, Obama better show this evidence. And then he needs to explain why its an American as opposed to UN problem. I have yet to see the evidence which Hague and Kerry insist has been shown. McDonough seems to be closer to the truth-that there is no evidence and that Obama wants to replace evidence with subjective common sense. And no one has explained why the United States, alone of everyone else in the world, should be the policeman. We’re getting nothing but lies from the Masters of War, except the occasional admission of truth from McDonoough, who apparently isn’t willing to lie himself into history as blatantly as Kerry. The fact that the Regime can’t even get its story consistent is not playing well with Americans, their congressional reps. and the world community.

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