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Adam Green And Binki Shapiro Deliver A Fine Debut Album
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By Matt Rowe
Sept. 16, 2013 12:01 a.m.

It isn't always about what's coming down the road in terms of upcoming music. Sometimes it's about where we have been that makes all of the difference in the world. And sometimes, with a little word of mouth, we find new things that we can bring close to us, something to fall in love with.
Back in late January of 2013, Rounder Records issued a splendid debut from a duo, each with their own music history. However, when Adam Green, and Binki Shapiro teamed to produced their self-titled first album, they created a beautiful set of '60s-styled folk/country blended songs. With that, every song scores big on the WOW! meter.
Adam Green is a core component of The Moldy Peaches, a band that championed an “anti-folk” style designed to take folk music out of the realm of politics and social unrest, where it has largely been a vehicle of. Instead, Green pushed folk music into matters of love, and other less weighty things.
Binki Shapiro worked with Beck, Fabrizio Moretti of The Strokes, and a previous band, Little Joy. With her vibrant and floating vocal style, she adds an infectious element to whatever she lends her voice to.
The opening track, “Here I Am”, begins the album with a fragile plea for a lost love to return. Followed by an equally memorable song, “Just To Make Me Feel Good”, one that follows a different, more defiant path. With ten splendid songs at your disposal, this first album from Adam Green and Binki Shapiro is a strong collection of replayable tunes that will stay in your player - and your head – for weeks, maybe even months.
It's rare that such a brilliant and listenable album such as Adam Green and Binki Shapiro makes your listening time enjoyable from beginning to end, but this one does that effortlessly. And best, it makes the waiting for new music from the duo a little more anticipating.
The first song from this album is gifted by the band to you. All you need to do to download a free copy of “Here I Am” (and it's a fine, fine tune), is to follow this link to the band's website. Once you're landed there, just scroll past the video for “Just To Make Me Feel Good” (or go ahead, watch it before moving on. Recommended), where you'll find the free track offer. It will only cost you your email address.
I hope you will find as much joy from this album as I still do.

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