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By Father Tim
Sept. 23, 2013 11:10 a.m.

602024_10202047098678388_1598411184_nEveryone’s been posting their Myers-Briggs “Stress Heads” on Facebook the last few days with comments like “Yup,” “Sums it up,” and “Nailed it.” As an INTJ I’m supposed to get stressed out by things like procrastination, indecision, and not having enough time to change plans. This is all true but there are other more specific things that that make me crazy and stress me out. Here are ten of them:
Bad coffee
Dead iPhone battery
Watching the Orioles/Ravens lose
Middle School math
No WiFi
People who have no clue how to navigate a traffic rotary
Scott Gunn
Vestry meetings that go past 10:00 pm
Kids who are “starving” when bedtime is announced (you know who you are!)
People who never stop talking

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