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Top 20 ways to celebrate Bruce Springsteen’s birthday (with party printables!)
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By Pete Chianca
Sept. 23, 2013 11:05 a.m.

Have your own Bruce bash! (Printables by @indigoblur)

Have your own Bruce bash! (Printables by @indigoblur)

We know what you’re thinking: If Bruce Springsteen is 64, how old does that make us? But even if we all may be getting up in years, it’s comforting to know — as his stop in Rio Saturday proves — that Bruce is somehow rocking with the same ferocity that he has for decades. (Even if the rest of us are exhausted.) And beyond that, he’s still creating vital new music that has something to say about our country, our relationships and the world we live in.
So if anyone deserves a party, it’s Bruce — and we’re here to help you celebrate. Blogness correspondent Leann has created a series of free downloadable Springsteen party printables, expressly for your Bruceday Bash. Click below and get ‘em while you can!
• Bruce Springsteen Party Hats
• Bruce Springsteen Cupcake Toppers
• Pin The Hat On Bruce Springsteen’s Butt
Meanwhile, here are 20 ways the true Springsteen fan can honor the Boss on his 64th:
  • Wear a white v-neck undershirt, aviator sunglasses and look 20 years younger than your actual age. (Orange swim-trunks optional.)

  • Make love in the dirt singin’ your birthday songs. (Warning: Illegal in most municipalities.)

  • Ride that tilt-a-whirl down on the south beach drag. (Warning: May cause nausea.)

  • Chase something in the night. (Warning: May cause burns, blindness.)

  • Wear your Kennedy Center Honors medal to the mall and see if anybody comments on it.

  • Go on a ride down to the river in a stolen car and never come back.

  • Lean on a large black man and see what happens.

  • Make crosses from your lovers and throw roses in the rain, whatever that means.

  • Get the band back together.

  • Sit barefoot on the hood of a Dodge drinking warm beer in the soft summer rain. Please be sure to put the Dodge in park first. Boy, did we find that out the hard way.

  • Go out to Highway 31, find a stick and poke a dead one-legged dog that’s been beat too much. On second thought, don’t do that.

  • Get your girlfriend pregnant and a) get a union job and a wedding coat; or b) run away to south Texas in a dirty oil patch and swear you’re never goin’ back. On second thought, don’t get your girlfriend pregnant.

  • Grab a child you don’t know to sing the chorus of “Waitin’ on a Sunny Day.” (Warning: Illegal in most municipalities.)

  • Yeah, that checkout girl you’ve been eyeing down at the supermarket for the last year and a half? Just ask her out already.

  • Take a long walk home, ideally from the edge of town. But if you live near the edge of town, start in the center of town and work your way out. Whichever it is, it should be dark by the time you get there.

  • Go out to your barn and, if there’s a tuba player there, jam with him.

  • Stay hard, stay hungry, stay alive, not necessarily in that order.

  • Dance with Courtney Cox. If Courtney Cox is not available, dance across the porch as the radio plays. If a porch is not available, dance with your shirt open like Latin lovers along the shore. If you don’t have a shirt, we recommend getting a white, v-neck undershirt (see No. 1).

  • One word: RAMROD.

  • “Open your ears and open your hearts. Don’t take yourself too seriously, and take yourself as seriously as death itself. Don’t worry. Worry your ass off. Have ironclad confidence, but doubt – it keeps you awake and alert. Believe you are the baddest ass in town, and, you suck!” (Words to live by from the birthday boy himself.)

    Happy Birthday, Bruce — and thanks.

    Add your ways to celebrate Bruce’s birthday in the comments!

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