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"Art of the Brick"--LEGO's at their Best
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This one of a kind LEGO® art exhibition, "Art of the Brick" is open at the Mansfield Art Center in Mansfield, Ohio
The exhibition features large-scale sculptures created out of the bricks we all love--LEGOs. The artist is Nathan Sawaya from New York.
The Art of the Brick is one of the most popular art exhibits touring the globe. CNN hailed it as "one of the top twelve "must-see exhibitions in the world."
CNN hailed The Art of the Brick as one of the top twelve “must-see exhibitions in the world.” This year alone the exhibit has visited Australia, South Africa and Taiwan.
Just like most kids, Sawaya started playing with LEGOs at a young age. He never stopped building, and exploring the endless possibilities of his creative mind and the interlocking bricks.
He holds a top place in pop culture history and the art world. He is an award winning artist in an art medium that is a toy. He creates thought provoking structures from the plastic bricks he spent so much time playing with as a child.
The centerpiece of Sawaya’s sculpture collection is entitled Yellow and it is a torso of a man ripping open his chest while yellow bricks cascade out of the open chest cavity. Sawaya is known for his LEGO replicas of the human forms sensing emotions such of anger, love, depression and joy. <>
<>The display will be located at the Art Center in Mansfield through Nov. 16, 2013.
There are many "things to do" in Mansfield. Take in the LEGO exhibit and stay around for other "things to do."
For more information visit www.MansfieldTourism.com or MansfieldTourism.com/mobile or by call 800-642-8282.

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