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Weekend of Rainouts That Weren’t Rainouts
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By Matt Gholson
Oct. 7, 2013 12:01 a.m.

IMG_0030So this weekend there were two big bike events I was excited about.  Event one was the Fat Tire Fest, held at Camp Ondessonk.  Me and Eli were going to ride Saturday afternoon, hoping to hook up with some out-of-towners looking for the local sweet spots.  Heavy rain Saturday morning dampened my spirit for the ride and I decided to work instead of play.  Around noon when I was supposed to be meeting with Eli the sun came out and winds quickly began drying the ground.  Eli went to the ride and said the mud wasn’t that bad.
IMG_0029Sunday’s event was one of my favorite organized tour’s Evansville Indiana’s Great Pumpkin Ride.  Storms blew through overnight and heavy rain fell again.  In the morning when I woke up the rain was still moving through the area but was mostly past us.  56 degrees and rain doesn’t make for fun riding so I decided to stay home.  From watching the radar I’d guess that the rain was completely gone by 9 AM.  I’m sure that If I’d gone to the ride it wouldn’t have been bad.
IMG_0025With the rain gone I met up with Mom and Dad for a 35 mile ride.  This was my longest road bike ride in quite awhile.  We went out to ride the new bridge on Harco road opening up on my favorite stretches of road again.  Good views of coal mines out there.
I haven’t had the time or desire to go on long rides lately, they’ve mostly been 10 mile high speed blow outs, or mountain bike rides.  By the end of the ride I was hurting all over.  I’ve let my road bike fitness wain.
One other problem today I created for myself.  It was cool this morning so I used one of Snake’s old trick’s, I used a rubber band around my wrist to hold my long sleeve shirt tight and keep the wind out.  My left hand was hurting near the end of the ride and I commented on how out of practice I must be.  When we stopped I checked out my hand and realzied I’d double banded the left wrist and was cutting off blood supply to my hand.  To much longer and it might have fell off.  IMG_2930

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