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Boo: Big Ass Spider
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By Chad Smart

@chadsmart & @my123cents on Twitter

As I wrote about a few

months ago, thanks to Movie Pass, I have seen more movies this year in the

theater than ever before. I will see just about anything. Earlier this week

when I was looking at the schedules for the local theaters, I saw a movie I

wasn’t familiar with was playing at one of the Independent theaters, which has

become one of my favorites. I knew nothing about the movie besides the title: Big Ass Spider. Now, if one of my

friends had asked me if I wanted to see a movie called Big Ass Spider, the first words out of my mouth would have been,

when and where?  There really are

no other words needed in that situation. <>

Big Ass Spider only had one showing for the night so there was no debate needed to

decide when to see the movie. I got to the theater around 9:40 for the 9:55

screening. Took my seat and was surprised at the turnout. Normally when I go

see an Indie film few people probably know about, there are only maybe 1-5

other people in the theater. Outside of a premiere screening of Free Samples and a screening of “The Package which included a post movie

Q&A with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, the audience for Big Ass Spider was the biggest I’ve seen. <>

It is a big ass spider

The title pretty much tells

you all you need to know about the movie. There is literally a Big Ass Spider on the loose in Los

Angeles. An Army squadron led by Ray Wise, is trying to exterminate the spider,

but it’s professional exterminator Alex Mathis (played by Greg Grunberg) who

can predict where the spider will go next because Alex knows how to think like

a spider. Along with his sidekick Jose, 

the “Hispanic Robin,” it’s up to Alex to save Los Angeles before the

spider can lay her eggs and unleash total havoc on the city of angels. <>

While one can look at the

title and watch the trailer for Big Ass Spider

and think it’s perfect fodder for Twitter jokes like SyFy’s recent hit Sharknado, Big Ass Spider actually shows a competent, genuinely entertaining

movie about abnormal animal behavior can be made. <>

I was pleasantly surprised

how much I enjoyed the first half of Big

Ass Spider.
It had well crafted suspense when Alex was hunting for the

spider in the basement of a hospital and the comedic relief was actually funny

without relying on lowbrow humor. 

Once the spider grew into Big Ass size, the movie was hindered by some

cheesy looking special effects and noticeable green-screen shots. However, Greg

Grunberg and Lombardo Boyar made such a good team that one can easily overlook

any shortcomings the film may have and simply enjoy the ride. <>

Big Ass Spider is now available on Video On Demand. If you’re looking for a fun movie

to watch during the Halloween season, Big

Ass Spider
is a fun way to spend 90 minutes. <>

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