And Abraham named that place The Lord Will Provide, so today it is said: "It will be provided on the Lord's mountain." - Genesis 22:14 HCSB

And Abraham named that place The Lord Will Provide, so today it is said: "It will be provided on the Lord's mountain." - Genesis 22:14 HCSB

One day the Lord told Abraham to make a sacrifice. By now he could recognize that voice because he had spent so much time listening to it. A true worshiper realizes that worship is not based on our likes, dislikes, personal preferences or priorities. It is based solely on the scriptures. Because true worship is based on the Bible the only question that needs to be asked of our means of worship is “Are they biblical?” If you want to do more this Sunday than merely sing songs and listen to a preacher talk then be familiar with the voice of the Holy Spirit as He teaches you from the Book.

Like Abraham we also need to make the appropriate spiritual preparations in order to meet our God. We need to start getting ready for Sunday morning worship on Saturday night. On Saturday evening we should begin reading and meditating on God’s revelation. We should spend time praying and praising. And we should get to bed early.

We are usually satisfied by merely getting dressed in our Sunday best, fixing our hair and make up, and grabbing our Bibles as we head out the door. We may prepared to go to church but that isn’t the same as being prepared to worship.

At a certain point in the journey Abraham left his servants behind. They might have interfered when they realized that he was going to sacrifice his son and Abraham wasn’t about to allow anything to distract him from worshiping.

We also need to separate ourselves from anything that would draw our attention away from God. Not just sinful things but also the natural and normal things of life. Things like work, family, finances, the preacher, the music can all distract us from the worship of God. These are not things that we can simply eliminate from our lives, but we do need to put them out of our minds so that we can be free to focus on God.

Isaac was his only son, the son God had promised to him, the son that was to carry on the family line and grow into a great nation. But Abraham had dedicated himself and all he had to God. True worship is always costly. True worship always requires us to give up our best for God’s best. The Sovereign God expects 110%. He wants us to be totally dedicated to Him.

Only when he followed these principles could Abraham call that place “The Lord Will Provide” - Yahweh Yireh. Only by studying the word to know His voice, preparing ourselves spiritually including separating ourselves from the sin in our lives and total commitment will we realize God’s provision.

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