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We got a couple of mountain bike rides this weekend despite adverse conditions.  Snow melt and heavy rain made for some soft trails.  I jokingly called the Punji trail knowing it’s a mosnter to ride even in good conditions, I guess everyone didn’t realize it was a joke.
Tires were on my mind alot this weekend, specifically tire size.   Riding in the very soft terrain seemed to hamper me much more then everyone else.  There is a generally excepted theory that mud requires narrow tires that will dig down and bite into the harder ground under the mud.  I was running the narrowest tire this weekend, 1.95 while Eli was at the other end of the spectrum with an actual FAT BIKE TIRE on the front and a pretty big 2.4 on the rear.  He was doing better in the mud than me.   Here’s something I found while searching for information.

Let’s also think about your weight/size. Anyone under 10stone should be running a 2.35” or narrower tyre. Those over that weight as a general guide should be running a 2.5” and be going on a diet unless of course you are “Big Boned”.

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