It is not just about a love of the game for the Coulter sisters. The sport of soccer has created an even tighter bond between the girls.

It is not just about a love of the game for the Coulter sisters. The sport of soccer has created an even tighter bond between the girls.

“We would go home after the games and talk about it. It is the one thing we have a love for and got to do together,” said sophomore Lauren Coulter, who started playing soccer in kindergarten.

“Since I was a freshman, it was scary to get thrown in on varsity, but it was good to have my sisters there so I knew their friends and what to expect,” said freshman Megan Coulter, who started playing soccer in first grade. “It is really hard because JV and varsity is a whole different game and there is more pressure, but having my sisters there, I didn’t feel the pressure.”

“It was awesome. I love hanging out with them,” said Jessa, a senior who started playing soccer in second grade. “With soccer I was always with them and I feel like we got closer because of soccer.”

Jessa, Lauren and Megan had the opportunity to be teammates for the only time in their high school careers as members of the Geneseo High School varsity soccer team this season.

For all three girls, being on the field and team together made this season so special for them.

“I didn’t think about all of us being able to play together,” said Lauren. “I didn’t think we would all be on the same team.”

“Sometimes coach (Ian) Kline would put us in a triangle with Lauren at forward and Megan and me at midfield,” said Jessa.

Soccer is not just something the girls enjoy, but the whole family is involved with.

“When Lauren and I first started, our dad coached us so that was a bonding experience,” said Jessa. “We are always talking about soccer and our little sister even plays. We play in the yard at home and make our little sister be goalie.”

The three sisters were all drawn to the game for a lot of the same reasons.

“I like that it is a team sport and when one scores others had to work hard to get there,” said Jessa. “I like always learning and every game I learn something different.”

“In soccer you have to work together to win,” said Lauren. “I like to work on something in practice and then do it right in a game. Every game is completely different, and it is fun to see what different styles you will play against. It keeps you on your toes.”

“I like how soccer is a team sport, and I am always learning something new,” said Megan.

The girls said there has not been much sibling rivalry on the team.

“We are happy for each other and for each accomplishment,” said Jessa. “We all have our different strengths and weaknesses.”

“Jessa starts in our position (center mid) and I come in for her,” said Megan. “I get to watch and see what I have to be doing.”

Being on the same team this year also gave the girls the opportunity to learn from each other.

“My sisters taught me anything can happen,” said Megan. “It was so cool when Lauren got pulled up last year, and I never thought I would get pulled up, too. I like to watch them play from the sideline and try to do the same on the field.”

“Last year, Jessa had mono and didn’t have a season, so watching her this year start and play varsity was great to see her get back to where se was,” said Lauren.

“I like how (Megan and Lauren) always have a positive attitude and are always learning,” said Jessa. “It is cool to see all their hard work pay off with Megan getting pulled up to varsity and Lauren being All-Conference.”

With Jessa leaving to attend Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville next fall, her advice to her sisters is to “make every game count.” “Don’t go through the motions and have fun every game,” she added.

“I am going to miss looking over and seeing my sisters play together on the field,” said Megan. “I also am going to miss all of Jessa’s friends because they are so nice and caring.”

“I don’t know how we are going to replace Jessa’s class,” said Lauren. “It is going to be totally different. I had so much fun and I don’t want them to leave.”

“I am going to miss the car rides to practice and going to Dairy Queen before games,” said Jessa. “I am going to miss that one thing we have in common.”