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  • The Highest-Paying Jobs At Google [RANKED] (GOOG)

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    Google loves its engineers. So it's not much of a surprise that software engineers are some of the best-paid employees at the company.
    But there are a bunch of other roles at Google and a lot of them have salaries that are competitive with Google's bread and butter, according to salary data we pulled from Glassdoor.
    Salary data on Glassdoor is based on anonymous salary reports that were voluntarily shared by both current and recent employees.20. Associate, online sales and operations
    Salary: $50,200
    With engineers in charge at Google, sales and account managers are more or less at the bottom of the ladder. Associates are at the lowest rung, so they have the smallest salary.
    19. AdWords associate
    Salary: $56,400
    Just above the traditional associate role is an AdWords associate — one of Google's largest ad platforms. These salespeople still make half of what most engineers make, though.
    18. Account manager
    Salary: $71,080
    Account managers handle sales and marketing relationships with specific, bigger customers. A big chunk of Google's sales staff is based in New York.
    17. Software engineer intern
    Salary: Between $70,000 and $90,000
    Software engineering interns at Google actually make a decent amount of money, compared to sales and marketing staff. They're among some of the highest-paid interns in technology.
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