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  • Dancing with the Stars Recap: Monday, May 12, 2014

  • It's American Icons night on Dancing with the Stars, and the guest judge is choreographer Kenny Ortega. And we're in the semifinals! Who will make it to next week's finale? The resu...
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  • It's American Icons night on Dancing with the Stars, and the guest judge is choreographer Kenny Ortega. And we're in the semifinals! Who will make it to next week's finale? The results may surprise you. (Spoiler: Who would have predicted an all-Olympian "bottom three"?
    Tom Bergeron trickles the results out over the first hour, but we'll spare you the suspense and just give them to you right here: Candace/Mark and James/Peta are safe, while (surprise!) Amy/Derek, Charlie/Sharna and Meryl/Maks are in jeopardy. Did anyone see that coming?!
    On to the dances. Two per pair this week!
    Candace Cameron Bure and Mark Ballas
    First dance: waltz
    The dance: Candace dedicates her dance to Bible teacher and author Angela Thomas, and notes that she's always just really performing "for an audience of one" (God). Now that we're in the semifinals, it seems like Candace is really in it to win it, and she looks nothing short of a Disney princess twirling around the ballroom — at least for the first half of the dance. A few of her transitions in the second half of the dance are a little awkward, and it creates a bit of a domino effect as she can't seem to get it back on track until the final notes.
    What the judges say: Len notes that the pressure might have gotten to Candace because she made a few mistakes. Kenny says Candace got a little "lost" in points but he's admired her journey. Bruno encourages Candace to cover her mistakes rather than panicking about them, and Carrie Ann agrees.
    Score: 34 (out of 40)
    Second dance: jazz
    The dance: All I can think of during this dance is Candace getting so uncomfortable during her and Mark's earlier discussion of "nasty boys" and "nasty girls." Also that D.J. Tanner somehow morphed into Velma from Chicago. Candace has definitely made progress when it comes to her comfort level, but she still could be a little more sultry in this number. Still, her footwork is sharp.
    What the judges say: The dance was "crisp, clean, tight and together — and totally unexpected," according to Len. Kenny likens Candace to the best Broadway dancers. Bruno appears turned on(?) by this side of Candace. Carrie Ann is also impressed by the "pristine" dance, but would have liked more attitude from Candace.
    Score: 38
    Charlie White and Sharna Burgess
    First dance: foxtrot
    The dance: Charlie turns to figure skater Scott Hamilton for guidance. His and Sharna's dance to "New York, New York" is fine, but personally I'd like to see Charlie take a little more control. To me he looks more like a wide-eyed little boy than a "king of the hill." And his ice dancing-esque moves at the end of the song, while impressive, feel a little out of place. But the crowd (and the judges) eat it up.
    Page 2 of 4 - What the judges say: Kenny proposes a toast to Charlie and calls the routine "delightful." Bruno says he started as Fred Astaire and finished as Baryshnikov. Carrie Ann says he exceeded her expectations even after last week's routine, and Len also loves it.
    Score: 40
    Second dance: samba
    The dance: Oof. Watching Charlie try to pronounce "Mo' Money, Mo' Problems" earlier in the show was hilarious and adorable, but the beginning part of this dance is just so awkward. His footwork is great, but his upper body could use a little work. But the real problem is that they should have just chosen a different song.
    What the judges say: Clean and precise, but "lacking a little funk," according to Kenny. Bruno agrees, but adds that Charlie deserves to be in the final. Carrie Ann is also confused that Charlie and Sharna are in jeopardy — though she points out that Charlie was a little "flat-footed." Len also advocates for Charlie to be in the final, while criticizing the dance for being a bit "heavy."
    Score: 36
    Amy Purdy and Derek Hough
    First dance: quickstep
    The dance: Amy's icon is Oprah, who gives her a very Oprah-ish phone call ("Is that Derek? Oh my GAAWWWDDDDD!") No way is the pressure of being in jeopardy getting to these two! Talk about having a spring in your step — the flexible prosthetics Amy uses for this number are kind of amazing, and her leg movements are flawless. It's just crazy to watch, and the dance snaps, crackles and pops like a live wire.
    What the judges say: Bruno looks like he's just witnessed a miracle, while Carrie Ann says it was great to see Amy go "full throttle." Len says he would have liked more body contact, but commends Amy for successfully tackling her greatest challenge thus far. Kenny blatantly begs voters to not send Amy and Derek home, and wishes his mom a happy birthday. (Does he know the results are predetermined?)
    Score: 39
    Second dance: jazz
    The dance: This routine is just great, and Derek again does a great job of incorporating furniture to compensate/distract from Amy's impediments. The dance strikes an amazing balance between being sultry and lighthearted, and Amy once again turns in an eye-popping performance.
    What the judges say: Bruno says Amy surpasses herself week after week. Carrie Ann notes a small synchronization flaw. Len salutes Derek for his choreography, and gives him a standing O. And Kenny says Derek "redefines choreography for this generation" and calls the dance "perfection."
    Score: 39
    James Maslow and Peta Murgatroyd
    Page 3 of 4 - First dance: cha cha
    The dance: James' icon is producer L.A. Reid, and he's dancing to Michael Jackson. This dance definitely shows a different side to James, and it's a refreshing one filled with attitude. As per usual, he and Peta put a little bit of a contemporary spin on a classic cha cha. Some of his movements are a little sloppy at points, though.
    What the judges say: Carrie Ann says Michael Jackson is hard to pull off, but calls the routine "spectacular." Len dubs it "terrific," while Kenny opts for "electrifying." Bruno does his best MJ imitation behind the table while gushing over the dance.
    Score: 40
    Second dance: rumba
    The dance: This routine is fine, if a little boring. James' movements are completely smooth, but the most impressive parts of the dance come courtesy of Peta, especially during their dips. A little surprised she didn't go for the skin vote this time around — James keeps his shirt on the whole time!
    What the judges say: Carrie Ann compliments James' lines and hip movements. She, Len and Kenny all tell James to make his hands more expressive. Bruno also agrees but says the routine is more like "Islands in the Steam" (ha).
    Score: 36
    Meryl Davis and Maks Chmerkovskiy
    First dance: jive
    The dance: Meryl gets some inspiration from former DWTS champ Kristi Yamaguchi, and despite a few tense moments in rehearsal, her and Maks' Elvis-inspired jive is fun and funky. Just because of the nature of the dance, it's not as mind-blowing as some of their routines in previous weeks, but it would still be a real shame if they don't make it to the finale.
    What the judges say: Len calls it "fantastic," while Kenny says Meryl's kicks and flicks were practically lighting the floor on fire. Bruno says he loved the "rock and roll extravaganza." All the judges get kisses from Maks. Carrie Ann tells Meryl her movements were "flawless and perfect." (Is everyone getting overpraised tonight, or am I just a grump?)
    The score: 40
    Second dance: waltz
    The dance: Here's the Meryl and Maks we've come to know and love — telling the dramatic story of a scorned lover. Meryl is transfixing as she glides across the floor. I also love her skirt. She matches Maks toe for toe, and this is probably the best dance of the night.
    What the judges say: Len loves that Meryl "went for it 100 percent," and Kenny reiterates that they blew him away. Bruno loves Meryl and Maks' "roleplay" and compliments the cinematic nature of the dance. And a giggly Carrie Ann is thrilled at how Meryl can blend elegance and grace with power.
    Page 4 of 4 - Score: 40
    So, who's going home? Here are the results:
    Safe: Amy and Derek, Meryl and Maks
    Eliminated: Charlie and Sharna
    What do you think? Are you shocked that Charlie and Sharna didn't make it to the final? What was your favorite routine of the night? And who do you think will take home the Mirrorball next week? Sound off below!
    Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. Catch up on previous episodes here.
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