Wyffels Hybrids is expanding its production facility in Atkinson.

Wyffels Hybrids is expanding its production facility in Atkinson.

“We know our success as a company lies in our ability to deliver a product that makes our customers successful. In response to substantial growth and increased demand, Wyffels Hybrids is now growing the largest seed crop in company history,” said Jacob Wyffels, Production Manager. “To ensure we continue to deliver industry-leading seed quality as demand increases, we are making significant investments into our production facility.”

New, state-of-the-art husking machines and electronic eye sorters have been installed in the husk and sort facility to increase harvest capacity and improve efficiency. In addition, expansions have been made to the warehouse facility, increasing storage capacity by 50 percent and tripling cold storage capacity.

Across three years, Wyffels Hybrids is investing $23 million in its production facility.

“Substantial growth across our entire marketing area over the past few years has created an opportunity to further increase our capabilities and upgrade technology to meet customer demand,” said Wyffels. “We are excited to continue to invest in growing our business and providing a superior product to our customers.”

A new, single-pass dryer, shelling building, and bulk storage building are being constructed at the production facility in 2018. Upon completion, the entire shelling process will be automated; improving safety, efficiency, and flexibility, while providing the necessary capacity for significant future growth, said Wyffels.

“Seed quality is always a top priority and most important to us after employee safety,” said Wyffels. “Continuing to invest in state-of-the-art equipment and improved seed storage will allow us to maintain our industry-leading seed quality, ultimately leading to better seed emergence and increased yield potential.”

These improvements will be completed by the 2018 harvest and will increase the capacity of the Atkinson production facility.