The Green Machine made it clear — expect the unexpected in 2017.

The Green Machine made it clear — expect the unexpected in 2017.

Geneseo had highlights in all three phases on the gridiron during its 31-13 victory over Lincoln Park at the Austin E. Knowlton Outdoor Athletic Complex on Aug. 25.

Displaced to Augustana’s home field with the renovations of Bob Reade Field near completion, Geneseo showed they would be doing things a little differently this season.

The Green Machine’s first surprise came earlier in the week giving sophomore quarterback Isaiah Rivera the keys to the offense.

“We evaluated all three quarterbacks and I thought all three were good,” Geneseo Coach Larry Johnsen said. “We are thinking of the team concept, and the team concept is we need to build the best team. We really like Kyle Toone as a defensive end, we really like Jaren Brucher as a free safety and we like Isaiah Rivera as a quarterback. It worked out well for us in that way.”

After starting 10 games at quarterback last season, Toone shifted to a role at wide receiver and defensive end.

Toone said the position he plays doesn’t matter as long as he’s helping the team.

A senior, Toone proved to be a playmaker in his new role on both sides of the ball.

The Green Machine’s Toone and Ryver Griffin were firing off the line and in the face of Lincoln Park quarterback Jake Dowell all night.

“We have a lot of guys who are really tenacious and want to get in there and make a play,” Toone said. “If a guy gets wrapped up, we have 10 other guys run to the ball. There was a lot of great hustle out there.”

A sophomore, Rivera handled the quarterback responsibilities well.

On the Green Machine’s first drive on offense, Rivera led the team to a field goal to take a 3-0 lead with Jack Hinton splitting the uprights with a 24 yarder.

In the second half, Rivera showed how explosive he can be by throwing a deep bomb to Toone for a 59-yard touchdown strike.

With the duo showing chemistry in the passing game, Rivera said he already trusts Toone to be a resource he can depend on.

“If I need anything he can help me out,” Rivera said. “If I need advice on anything he’ll be there for me. I love playing with him.”

With the Green Machine being known for its ground and pound style, Rivera gives Geneseo a new wrinkle to keep teams off balance.

Rivera finished 4-for-7 for 86 yards and a touchdown.

Geneseo’s defense dominated with two fumble recoveries and a bevy of tackles behind the line.

On the Lions’ first possession, Toone stopped a run on third down, and Griffin broke through the line for a sack on fourth and four.

However, Griffin shared that same mentality of team first.

“It wasn’t just Kyle and I,” Griffin said. “It was really the guys on the inside that helped set that up. We had some great coverage and the linebackers really filled in. I’m really proud of all the guys that played really hard tonight.”

After a strong first half put Geneseo ahead 17-0, a Green Machine fumble set up a Lincoln Park touchdown just a few minutes into the second half, 17-6.

The Green Machine offense hit a snag again and was forced to punt when special teams made a big play.

Geneseo long snapper David Boan raced down the field and recovered a muffed punt, and Griffin ran for a 28-yard touchdown to put the Green Machine back in control.

It was Griffin’s second rushing touchdown of the day and he finished with 11 carries for 81-yards.

With only two offensive linemen returning from last season, Geneseo put together a solid night rushing with 178 yards on the ground, including an 11-yard touchdown run from Zac Olson.