The Maple Leafs' underclassmen showed the cross country team is on the rise.

The Maple Leafs’ underclassmen showed the cross country team is on the rise.

Neo Colter led the Maple Leafs to a team win with a fourth-place finish in 18:38 in the sophomore race at Richmond Hill, on Sept. 16.

The Leafs finished runner-up in the boys’ combined competition, and Geneseo was runner-up in the boys and girls combined totals at the Geneseo Invitational.

Colter sees the Maple Leafs building something special with a young group of runners leading the way.

“We have a whole bunch of kids with talent and even more with dedication,” Colter said. “Those two things will get us a long way down the road.”

Geneseo’s Colby Rapps finished sixth in 18:48, and Spencer Lindstrom ran down 10th in 19:40.

Luke Hankhaus crossed the finish line in 15th place in 20:38, and Ky Ariano finished in 20:41.

Will Sammons nabbed a 20th place in 22:17, and Will McKelvain finished in 22nd place in 22:53.

In the freshmen race, Geneseo earned a second- place finish as a team with William Plumley leading the way with a runner-up in 19:02.

The Leafs’ Rafe Morrison finished fifth in 19:39, and Ricky Chavez ran down seventh in 20:21.

Geneseo’s Tanner Burgett landed 21st in 24:51.

The Maple Leafs’ Raymond Venneberg led the way in the Geneseo senior class race in 19:17, and Geneseo finished in third place as a team. Thackery Newton crossed the finish line in 16th in 20:31, and Adam Wells finished 18th in 20:48.

Geneseo’s Christian Booth was a spot back in 21st place with a time of 21:24.

In the junior race, Andrew Rizzo paced Geneseo with a seventh-place time of 18:42, and the Maple Leafs finished fifth in the junior competition.

Nathan Carroll grabbed 14th place in 20:19, and Luke Sebastian finished in 24th place in 21:36.

Geneseo’s next competition will be at the Rock River Run held at Hoover Park, in Sterling, on Saturday, Sept. 23 starting at 9 a.m.