These "less than smart" moves can be frustrating, even damaging to one's self esteem. It is easy to be thinking you are...

Showing up to get my first driving license without a car. Now, that’s a dumb move. A nice lady at the driver’s testing office said I could use her car.

Second dumb move was to complete the driving test, then put on my glasses when the instructor handed me the test results to read. I was supposed to wear my glasses all the time. Oops! I don’t remember any of it being funny at the time, but the story provides smiles and laughs today.

I have made my share (and then some) of dumb moves, sometimes wondering if I could get through just one day without making one. Can anyone relate? These “less than smart” moves can be frustrating, even damaging to one’s self esteem. It is easy to be begin thinking you are “stupid” or a “cluts” or whatever. 

I think “dumb moves” are a natural part of life. Show me a person who isn’t making any and I’ll show you a person that isn’t breathing. Most of the dumb moves we make are probably not so amusing at the time, but somewhere down the road, they become a source of smiles and laughs.

God must have a sense of humor. Maybe, He gives us these moments so we don’t take ourselves too seriously and that we can have something to smile about later in life. So, the next time you see someone smiling…maybe, their remembering a “dumb move.”