People say that my daughter and I look alike. Sometimes I see it and sometimes I don't.

People say that my daughter and I look alike. Sometimes I see it and sometimes I don't. One thing for sure is we are not alike in many ways. Taylor is very quiet unless she knows you. She's got a dry sarcastic sense of humor that only the people she is closest to can be privy to see. She has her own flair and sense of style about everything she does from her selection in clothing to her tastes in music.

I remember when she was about four years old I took her to a parade. It was an election year and there was a ton of candy being thrown out. It was literally raining candy. She stood behind my leg and would not go out and pick up the candy. I thought right then, "This kid can't be mine." She was never as aggressive as I was. Then I thought well maybe it is because she is an only child. I blame my brothers for making me assertive.

Next was her taste in music. While she was growing up I exposed her to all kinds of music from classical to heavy metal, country, and everything in between. We were at odds right away when she didn't like Elvis Presley. What? How can you not like Elvis Presley? Furthermore, isn't it anti-American not to like Elvis? Next, she didn't like Bob Seger. I just about never recovered from that.

As she gets ready to transfer to USI, I see her worry. Worry about parking. Worry about gas money. Worry about her grades and scholarships. Worry about her books. She worries enough for both of us. I never remember being worried when I transferred to Eastern when I was her age. I moved up there all alone, knew no one, and had no idea where anything is or was. I just did what I do...I jumped in with both feet. I'm not a dip your toe in the water type of girl.

When your kids are not you, you have to love them for who they are. They may not have the same likes and dislikes as you. They may not even be remotely like you, but sometimes that is a good thing. Embrace who they are and love them 'til it hurts. You can never love or support them too much.