Evernote is a useful multi-platform app that lets you organize and collect notes. Besides just jotting down thoughts, Evernote lets users save entire web pages, maintain to do lists, and a ton of other things you might not have known about.

If you're a power user, it might be a good idea to consider Evernote's Premium subscription. Evernote Premium costs $5 per month or $45 per year. You get a ton of extra features like 1GB of upload space and offline access.

Whether you're a regular user or premium user if you use Evernote the following tips will help you get the most out of the awesome productivity service.

Set reminders using Evernote ...

You can set reminders in the Evernote app on your desktop or smartphone. To use reminders, you simply click or tap the alarm clock icon at the top of any note. 

After you set a reminder, you’ll get an in-app alarm and, if you want, an email the day that a Reminder is due. 

Enable 2-step verification for even more security

2-step verification requires you to enter a randomly generated verification code in addition to your username and password the first time you log into your account on any device, including your computer.

Verification codes will be sent via text message or using a code generation app, made by Evernote on your smartphone.

To turn this feature on just head to settings on the web and choose security. Keep in mind this feature isn't available just yet for all users but if you have a premium or business account you can activate it now.

Encrypt pieces of text for more security ...

If you want to encrypt a certain portion of your text you can do that in Evernote.

Simply highlight the text, right click, and choose "Encrypt selected text". A menu will pop up where you can select a password. The text can then only be seen when the password you selected is entered.

Use Evernote with other Evernote Apps

Start using Evernote alongside your other favorite apps. For example, if you're a fan of RSS readers you can sync your Evernote account with Feedly you can automatically save articles to your notebooks with the click of a button.

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