It is a special and unique thing to have the opportunity to compete in college athletics, but it is even more rare to have five brothers all compete at the collegiate level, especially at the same school.

It is a special and unique thing to have the opportunity to compete in college athletics, but it is even more rare to have five brothers all compete at the collegiate level, especially at the same school.

For Geneseo’s Reschke brothers — Josh, Luke, Shane, Ethan and Jordan — Monmouth College was that place.

Starting this track season, all five brothers will have a connection with the Monmouth men’s track and field team. Josh, Luke and Shane are all former track standouts for the Scots; while Ethan and Jordan will be starting their first season with the squad.

“We all did the same sports in high school, and track was the spring sport of choice,” said Josh.

“The earliest I competed in track was in seventh grade,” said Luke. “It was just natural.”

“They all certainly have a great work ethic and they get that from their parents,” said Monmouth College head track and field coach Roger Haynes. “They work hard and have been successful. The second is they are willing to make changes. Hard working and coachable is a great combination.”

Josh was the first to make the decision to attend Monmouth where he was a dual-sport athlete, competing in basketball and track.

“I visited a lot of schools to play basketball because that is what I wanted to do and track was second,” said Josh. “Monmouth was a late decision, but the best decision. It was close and comfortable. When I went on a visit, I met with the basketball coach and the track coach (coach Roger Haynes). Coach Haynes knew who we were, and the way he made me feel I knew I was going to do track, too.”

“Josh has great leadership skills and I always enjoyed coaching him,” said Haynes. “He wants to be successful, and helped bring his younger brother (Luke) along.”

Luke was the next to attend Monmouth, where he played basketball for a few years, ran track, and also played football his senior season.

“For me, I knew I wanted to run track, but it was just a matter of playing football or basketball,” said Luke. “I always knew I would run track, and Josh liked it and enjoyed it.”

“Luke is one of the top athletes as in knowing what he wants to do,” said Haynes. “He wanted to break the 400-meter dash record and did. They are all willing to do the amount of work it takes, and that is rare.”

Shane was the third brother to make his mark at Monmouth as a dual-sport athlete in football and track.

“Shane probably was as good as any of the brothers as being very versatile and doing what we needed him to do at anytime,” said Haynes. “He was in races whenever we needed him. He was willing to play any role to make the team better.”

Now, the final two Reschke brothers, Ethan and Jordan, are preparing to make their mark at the school.

“I have been to Monmouth a lot for track meets, I liked the coaches because they were all really nice,” said Ethan. “I was not sure at first about running track with my knee surgery, but after last year’s track season in high school where I had success and after going to state I thought I had potential.”

“From going down to Monmouth and watching my brothers, I knew the college and track team was a good fit for me,” said Jordan. “I am familiar with everything down there. Monmouth is a good atmosphere. Monmouth is where I belong.”

“I am trying to let Ethan and Jordan be their own guys and not impose what their brothers did,” said Haynes. “It is nice to know their background and progress they will make. There was not a lot of recruitment, they knew we wanted them to be here and they are doing a nice job.”

With having three brothers having gone to Monmouth and been successful there, Ethan and Jordan said they felt no pressure to follow in their brothers’ footsteps.

“I felt no pressure to go to Monmouth,” said Ethan. “It would be nice to have the success like they did, but it will take a lot of hard work just like they did.”

“The coaches always made an effort to come and talk to me (when we were visiting),” said Jordan. “They were all really friendly.”

“When they all were deciding (where to go) I tried not to be influential,” said Josh. “I will talk about Monmouth and answer any questions, but I am not going to tell someone they should go to Monmouth.”

“Everyone is different and it is about what fits them personally,” said Luke. “I let them make the decision for themselves. Ethan and Jordan know what to expect because my parents always traveled to our meets and these guys were always with. They know a lot about the school.”

As the two youngest brothers prepare for their first collegiate experience, Ethan and Jordan have received a lot of advice and help from their older brothers.

“My advice is to go to class. That is always first and anybody at Monmouth will tell you that,” said Josh. “Any extra curriculars are a close second. You have to invest the time and have to work at it. The sky is the limit there. When you see people starting to do the right thing and you run with it you can be national champions. You get what you put into it.”

“It takes a lot of hard work to get where you want to go,” said Luke. “It is their time there and it goes by fast. I tried to hold on as long as I could. They just need to listen to the coaches because they have their best interest in mind.”

For Josh and Luke, they had the opportunity to be teammates while at Monmouth and they both agreed it made them better.

“It was better to run with my brother, and it made me better,” said Josh. “I never really ran before — I jumped in high school —, but my junior year, Luke, in his freshman year, set the bar and I tried to knock him over. We had plenty of guys who were really talented, and we slowly created a successful environment.”

“It was healthy competition and at the end of the day it made everyone better,” said Luke.

“We fed off each other,” said Josh. “For us it had to be healthy competition because we had to run the 4x400-meter relay together at the end of the meet.”

When the brothers look back on their experiences at Monmouth, they know Ethan and Jordan will be ready to jump right into competition.

“It will be fun to watch (Ethan and Jordan),” said Luke.

“I know they will have success,” said Josh, who was heading in with Luke to help Ethan and Jordan workout and prepare for the season.

“We are all fortunate to be able to do this and that our parents allowed us to have the option so it is not possible without them,” said Luke.

“I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world,” said Josh. “It means everything to me. This gives us something to talk about, and definitely brings us closer.

“What makes me comfortable about them going there is when I go to visit all anyone wants to talk about is when Ethan and Jordan are coming down. That just shows me what kind of people they are.”

“It is very rare to have five siblings in a collegiate sport,” said Haynes. “I am glad they have the ability and chose Monmouth for their education. It is a great compliment to me and respect. It is a great opportunity to coach all five of Al and Kathy Reschke’s sons. This has never happened in my coaching career.

“(The Reschkes) have certainly been great for our athletic programs at Monmouth and they have contributed a lot. It is nice to finish off with the last two boys for sure.”

Josh, Luke, Shane, Ethan and Jordan are the sons of Al and Kathy Reschke of Geneseo.