For Geneseo High School sports fans there now is a way to watch the Leafs and Lady Leafs when you can’t attend a game.

For Geneseo High School sports fans there now is a way to watch the Leafs and Lady Leafs when you can’t attend a game. is an Internet video streaming site for the high school, which allows a crew of GHS students to broadcast live home and away boys’ and girls’ basketball games. This season, the student crew also will broadcast wrestling, baseball and softball events.

“We are able to stream events live onto the Internet and do just about every home game unless Channel 50 is there,” said Zach Mackey, who is a member of the crew at GHS. “We will travel to away games with the team unless there is another home game that night.”

The site also is being used as a Web site for the athletic department to post schedules, rosters, articles and other helpful links. has been operational for Geneseo High School for four years and started broadcasting Geneseo games three years ago.

This year’s student crew will include: Mackey doing the play-by-play; Joe Thomas and Jacob Beeth as commentators; Adam Smith working with the technical side; and Alissa Zobrist and Maddie Henderson serving as sideline reporters.

“Originally it was just me and Jacob Beeth, but this year we have expanded,” said Mackey. “Every year, we tried to add something and get other students ready to take over.

“I know when we started this, the rep talked to my dad, athletic director Travis Mackey, about setting up a site, and then a year later we started looking into doing broadcasting, which was uncharted territory. We started something new, and Mr. (James) Roodhouse was a huge help in getting us started and where we are now.”

If the crew is unable to attend an away event, there are some schools in Geneseo’s conference who also broadcast games, and Geneseo’s site is able to stream those games to its site.

On game day there is a lot of preparation for the crew from getting rosters and starting line ups, along with their statistics to setting up everything from the technical end such as the scoreboard on the bottom of the screen.

“I don’t know if people know about this option to watch home and away events,” said Mackey. “I think it brings some togetherness if you are not a die-hard fan to travel to a game this is a way to feel a part of it.

“I am a big fan of Geneseo and being able to broadcast 30 games in the winter it is really cool. It is fun to be on the bus with the team and say you are a part of it.”

Mackey says he thinks fans are excited about this feature to the athletic Web site because there had never been a function like this before.

“I have definitely learned a lot about the behind-the-scenes stuff I never knew about before,” said Mackey. “Our very first broadcast everything that could go wrong went wrong, but I think I have learned to really just enjoy it even when things aren’t going right.

“This school district is absolutely amazing with broadcasting, which includes its own radio station. The school district has been amazing to help this program and they see the value with the fans taking pride in athletics in Geneseo.”

Broadcasts can be found by visiting the athletics page on the Geneseo High School Web site or at

“We made it our own and built it up from the bottom,” said Mackey. “This is something that is near and dear to my heart. We are pretty happy with it.”

The first broadcast will be Nov. 18 when the Geneseo girls’ basketball team plays Orion in the Tip-Off Classic at 7:30 p.m.