With the "Anchorman" sequel out this week, Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, David Koechner, and Paul Rudd stopped by "The Daily Show" to discuss their new film. 

Except they did anything but that.  

Stewart asked Carell to dish on some of his castmates for viewers as they sat behind him the entire time. 

Things got pretty heated toward the end when Ferrell started eating from a plate that Stewart suggested was only meant for Carell — whose visit was a bit of a homecoming for the former "Daily Show" correspondent.  

It escalated pretty quickly, culminating in the cast handing out random items from Stewart's green screen room to audience members. 

Watch the banter below:

Some of the best from the video:

It all started when Will Ferrell tried eating a piece of food meant for Carell.

Pass it off.That won't stop Stewart.

They've had enough of you, Stewart.

Will Ferrell handing out random objects to audience members:The end result: A defeated Jon Stewart.

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