There have been 29 seasons of MTV's hit show, "Real World." The general plot: 

"This is the true story of seven strangers, picked to live in a house, work together and have their lives taped, to find out what happens when people stop being polite ... and start getting real."

Sometimes, the producers decide to spice up the story line with an unforeseen twist.

This season in San Francisco, they've created a total train wreck. You can only hope it's all scripted. 

Hint: It's called "Ex-Plosion."

The season starts out normal, with seven strangers living in a house together. The seven strangers live together for exactly one month before the crazy twist happens just enough time for them all to hook up.

This is Jenny, one of the roommates.

This is Cory, another roommate.

Jenny breaks up with her boyfriend and starts hooking up with Cory almost immediately.

Jenny's ex is named Brian. Cory is fresh out of a relationship too, with a girl he dated on and off for eight years.

This is Thomas. He also just came out of a relationship.

His girlfriend's name was Hailey. She still misses him a lot.

But Thomas has moved on to another cast-mate, Jamie.

They seem pretty happy together.

Then there's Jay.

He still talks to his ex Jenna a lot and he tries not to talk to other girls.

Sometimes he fails, especially when he thinks the cameras aren't looking.

Arielle is another cast mate and Ashley is her ex. But she and Ashley still get along and love each other. They're not seeing anyone else.

Here's where the madness happens. One of the initial cast mates, Ashley, leaves the house. The other cast mates assume they're getting a new roommate. But they have no idea who the roommate will be and when they find out, they're completely shocked.

It turns out they're not just getting one new roommate, they're getting six. And all six are recent ex-girlfriends or boyfriends of the cast members. MTV's producers lured all of the exes onto the show by telling them they'd be the only new roommate. They didn't say they were bringing in ALL the exes.

Here's who belongs to whom.

And here's how the cast reacted when they walked into their house, and realized their exes would be living with them for the next few weeks. Pretty messed up, right? The final episodes will explore all of the drama from last episode's "Ex-Plosion."

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