While at the Tribeca Film Festival this week, Bryan Cranston spoke a bit about his time on "Breaking Bad" and revealed the scene that grossed him out the most.

Of all the deaths, and shocking moments, Cranston says a much-talked about scene from season 1 when Jesse (Aaron Paul) tries to dissolve a body in acid is the most gross moment they filmed.

Here's how Cranston described it to the audience:

"Early on there was a scene where I instructed my 'young protege' to buy a particular type of plastic container to dissolve the body in and he said 'Why do we have to do that? We have a perfectly good bathtub upstairs so I did it up there.'"

"This particular chemical eats away at porcelain and many other things, but not this particular plastic. The whole ceiling came down [with] liquified body parts and bones and jaws. Things like that."

Fans will recall the gruesome scene from season 1, episode 2 "Cat's in the Bag."

In the subsequent episode, both Cranston and Paul's characters had to dispose of the mess.

Cranston previously said in a featurette for the series the entire scene made him nauseous while filming.

Watch the scene below:

Not only was it one of the most jaw-dropping moments of the series' five season run, it was also a fan favorite.

The scene became the subject of a "Breaking Bad"-themed "Mythbusters" episode to see whether or not hydrofluoric acid would really eat through a porcelain tub and floor.

Unlike the television series, the Discovery show found everything was pretty unaffected by the acid after recreating the scene.

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