Good morning! It will be another nice, warm day here in New York. There's a chance of showers at the end of the day. Let's get into the news:

1. AT&T is planning a $50 billion bid for DirecTV. 

2. Facebook is planning to open a sales office in China, which would for the first time put Facebook employees in China. 

3. There's a new website that can tell if people are lying when they say they're not using a filter on Instagram.

4. The difference in tech between now and 1999? "1999 had a gold rush mentality, a sense of broader mania. This time around you see more of a gross entitlement; and that’s what is different about the Bay Area."

5. The most expensive zip code in the country is in Atherton, California, which is a little Silicon Valley town.

6. The U.N. is holding a conference to talk about killer robots today.

7. Twitter added a muting feature allowing you unfollow people without them knowing. It also lets you avoid when people are talking about certain things you don't care about.

8. The New Yorker has a long (12 page) report on what happened when Mark Zuckerberg donated $100 million to schools in Newark. It sounds like it didn't have the impact people hoped for.

9. Motorola introduced a $129 smartphone called the Moto G.

10. The EU says people have the right to be forgotten on the Internet, and says Google has to remove people from searches if the person asks to be removed.

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