Motorola is expected to reveal more information about its Moto 360 smartwatch next month, but it looks like Best Buy has already beat them to it.

The electronics retailer posted a product page for Motorola's new smartwatch, revealing that it will cost $249.99.

At that price, the Moto 360 will cost a little more than Samsung's Gear Live smartwatch ($199) and the Pebble Steel ($229), but slightly less than the Samsung Gear 2 ($299).

The Moto 360's product page on Best Buy has since been taken down and was first spotted by Droid-Life on Sunday.

The  page also listed some of the Moto 360's features and specifications, which include a circular 320 x 920 Gorilla Glass display, a built-in heart rate monitor, and a pedometer. There's no word on when it will be available for purchase, however. 

The price doesn't come as too much of a surprise considering Motorola accidentally revealed how much the Moto 360 would cost back in May. The company held a design contest inviting developers to create watch faces for the Moto 360, with the main prize being a free watch. Motorola noted in the fine print that the watch was valued at $250.

Motorola is holding an event on Sept. 4, where it will presumably unveil more details about when the Moto 360 will officially launch and some new smartphones. 

Here's a screenshot of the Best Buy page that Droid-Life saved before it was taken down:

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